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 Character Template

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Millefiore XV/The Sky Funeral Wreath

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PostSubject: Character Template   Sun Jul 24, 2011 1:52 pm


Name: (The name of your character. In whatever language you so wish)
Alias/Nickname: (Optional, alternative name for your character)

Age: (Please be realistic when it comes to age. If you are unrealistic, the staff will inform you)

Gender: (There are only two options. Please don't find/invent/choose a third one)

Family: (Which group of the Mafia does your character pledge their allegiance to? The dreaded Millefiore? The powerful Vongola? Perhaps, other families? Or maybe to only yourself, as a mercenary?)

Rank: (The position of power or importance held by your character in their family. From Boss[Leader] to Guardians to Assistants and lastly Underlings.)

Appearance: (Self-explanatory. We, the Staff, do not impose a minimum description length, but we do expect something substantial and descriptive.)

Personality: (Hopefully, also self-explanatory. Like the appearance, there are no imposed minimums. However, we do expect a rather descriptive account of the character's personality)

Background/Biography: (While the Bio does not have to detail every year of the character's life, it must detail how they wound up in and got involved with the world of the Mafia, either as a member of one faction, or staking it out as a freelancer.)

Role-playing Sample: (A necessary component for those vying to become a Leader or a Guardian, just a demonstration of how you normally role-play.)

[center][size=18]CHARACTER TEMPLATE[/size][/center]









[b]Role-playing Sample:[/b]

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Character Template
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