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 Ability Template

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PostSubject: Ability Template   Sun Jul 24, 2011 2:32 pm

Ability Template

Ability Name: (List the name that your character calls their ability ... only if it does have a name, that is.)

Flame Type: (Select the type of flame that the ability draws upon. Not all abilities necessarily draw on one flame type, as not all people only have one kind of wave energy. But, by that same token, there aren't many abilities in canon which incorporate more than one kind of flame)

Skill/Power Gained: (Upon using your ability, what exactly happens? What are you now capable of, that before you weren't able to do without your ability?)

Weapon(s) Used in Conjunction With: (If any. If no weapon does employ your ability, please say so.)

(Use the following as many times as necessary. Please check the rules for limitations for how many techs you may have)

Name: (If named. Not all techniques need names)
Effect: (Description of how the technique works. Please be thorough, but not excessive)
Prep/CD: (How long does it require for you to prepare this technique? Are there any conditions that must be fulfilled before you can use it? And after using it, how long must you wait before you can prepare it again?)

[size=18][center]Ability Template[/center][/size]

[b]Ability Name:[/b]

[b]Flame Type:[/b]

[b]Skill/Power Gained:[/b]

[b]Weapon(s) Used in Conjunction With:[/b]



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Ability Template
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