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 Ring Template

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Millefiore XV/The Sky Funeral Wreath

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PostSubject: Ring Template   Sun Jul 24, 2011 2:37 pm

Ring Template

Ring Name: (The name, if any, of the Ring(s) that your character bears.)

Flame Type: (One of the Seven Flames of either Sky or Earth, please. No rings are known to be able to produce two different kinds of flames.)

Ring Type: (Classify it by the following - Vongola, if part of the Vongola set; Mare, if from the Millefiore set; Shimon, if from the Shimon set; Pacifier, if from the Arcobaleno set; Hell, if from the Hell Rings set[Mist only]; General, for common rings; Superb, if Rank B or A.)

Ring Level: (Rings are graded by the intensity of flame produced. They ranged from Rank E, the lowest quality, to Rank A the highest quality. Certain rings[Such as those from the Tri-Ni-Sette] are classified as Rank S. The Level of the Ring corresponds to purity of Flame, and it's capability in opening boxes. Higher-grade Rings are hard to come by.)

Ring Appearance: (Describe what the rings you bear look like, the design and color as well as any other distinguishing features of them. You may also supplement written descriptions with images placed in spoilers.)

[size=18][center]Ring Template[/size][/center]

[b]Ring Name:[/b]

[b]Flame Type:[/b]

[b]Ring Type:[/b]

[b]Ring Level:[/b]

[b]Ring Appearance:[/b]

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Ring Template
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