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 Pet Template

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PostSubject: Pet Template   Sun Jul 24, 2011 2:40 pm


Pet Name: (I'm pretty sure you'd want to name your own pet, now . . . Go ahead, make up any name you like, so long as it's not excessively vulgar or crass)

Species: (Specify the species of your animal. If a Box Weapon, please state that first and then specify it's species.)

Flame Type: (Only if a Box Weapon - Animal. One of the Seven Flames, please.)

Animal's Ability(ies): (Can either be combat-based abilities powered by Flame or not[Depending if it a Box Weapon Animal, or just about any other skill that you could teach it)

Appearance: (What your animal looks like, in detail. Relative size, discerning features ... and you can supplement the written descriptions with pictures placed in spoilers!)

[size=18][color=pink][center]PET TEMPLATE~![/center][/color][/size]

[b]Pet Name:[/b]


[b]Flame Type:[/b]

[b]Animal's Ability(ies):[/b]


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Pet Template
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