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 The Story So Far

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Millefiore XV/The Sky Funeral Wreath

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PostSubject: The Story So Far   Tue Aug 02, 2011 7:37 pm

Target: X1

'The world has been carved up in influence: No longer is the powerful Vongola family in total control. The Millefiore, reborn from their shattered roots and with the Giglio Nero Familgia subservient to them, have secured the American continents for their own. The Vongola's response is to offer up various spheres of influences to its major allies, in hopes of having comrades in the inevitable war: Asia to Shimon, Oceania to Chiavarone, Eastern Europe to the Varia, and Western Europe remains their center.'

None could have foreseen the reappearace of the Millefiore. It was implausible, impossible, just simply could not be. But, despite all opinions, the Millefiore HAVE returned, and seek revenge for their previous destruction at the hands of the the Vongola.

But, one can only guess as to what the Boss of the Millefiore, Agony, intends to do. His re-emergence along with his family was only known by a small message, sent to the various Bosses and Heads of the Vongola and major Allies(Shimon, Chiavarone, Varia). All that is known, is that the greatest threat to the world is most certainly alive, but where Agony and the Millefiore are presently hiding is anyone's guess.

The makings of war are in place. But, who will be caught in it?

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The Story So Far
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