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 Uzu Rain Guardian

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PostSubject: Uzu Rain Guardian   Fri Aug 12, 2011 5:46 am

Character name: Haki Uzumaki
Code name/ Alias/ nickname: Uzu-kun (Or Uzu)
Weapon Name: If none then leave it blank.

Ability name: Ken no ame (Raining Sword.)
Flame: Rain

Desired Rank: Vongola Rain Guardian

Desired Family: Vongola

Age: 16

Character Appearance:


He has snowy white hair. He also wears a white collared shirt, with black buttons, 6 of them actually, following by with GREEN eyes(Didn't really like red) and he wears black casual pants that is plain, also with white laceless sneakers.

Character Personality:


Uzu is a well mannered boy. He loves to treat everyone right and equally. Even though he doesn't like certain people, he still has to be kind.


Uzu can regret at some situations, but he always says: "Even though this is a bad time, and you can't think of anything right now, remember this: NEVER give up, and always try. Maybe you will get something at some point."


Whenever Uzu sees someone dies, even an enemy, he will never forgive himself, even though if Uzu himself didn't do it. Uzu might sometimes blame himself because he's known as, "The good guy" or so. However, he might let himself go, as in go a little crazy if he sees someone die, might even lead himself to crying.


This mood is what Uzu BARELY has this feeling has. Whenever the fight is getting more serious, he will never hold back, and might be a possibilty of leading himself, the enemy, or both to death.

Character Background: Uzu was just a soccer player. He loves to play soccer, and always will. Before he heard about the family, his dream was to become a legendary soccer player. When he heard about the mafia, he thought it was just some game, but it turns out his thoughts were wrong! Even though years have passed by, Uzu still needs to catch on. He loves to eat ANYTHING that involves Soy sauce. He was born in Japan, in Namimori, and whatever you do, don't make Uzu mad!

[u]Role play sample:
Too lazy to make one, but here's one from another site I had that has 529 words:

Hiroko was outside of a temple, really not doing anything. He mostly would be on that location because of chores. Then, his twin brother, Hirako, would find him and force him to do his chores. He really despise his older brother, but still, he's Hiko's(Hirako for short. But it's a nickname as well) brother! He cannot disobey his older brother, well sadly. "I'm bored.... He muttered to himself. He looked at the water that was in front of him. He rose his left hand up to the water, making a little bit of water float up, then flicked his middle finger with his index finger, doing a mini water whip, until he heard footsteps. Hiro(Nickname) got up, with the water that he was levitating. "Show yourself!" He yelled.

A boy who looks exactly like Hiro had his arms crossed, with a '-_-' expression on his look. It was Hiro's twin brother, Hirako!(Hiko for short). "Brotherrr!" He whined in annoyance. "I swear, must you ALWAYS do this every time we do chores? Once we keep getting older and older and you get married, and your wife wants you to do something, would you still hide around here, or just do the chore that your wife wants you to do?" He explained and questioned at the same time. I can never understand why he's my brother. He can never be on task and plays too much! The boy thought with a sigh.

Hiro made a snarl. He threw down his hands, making the water disappear. "Well, it feels like the SAME thing we do everyday: CHORES. I mean, can't WE or I take a break? I mean seriously! Our mother needs to know that we can't do chores everyday! She just sits there ALL day watching instead of helping us. It's annoying!" He protested. Hiro guessed what was his twin brother's though was: That's not the annoying thing around here.

Hiko sighed. "Anyway, did you hear some kids can bend light and darkness? He asked his twin brother. "I don't think it's even possible to do that! I mean, how can you even bend light or darkness!?" He questioned with excitement.

Hiro couldn't believe his own smart brother would believe crap like that. Bending Light and Darkness? Please! "I can't believe you'd believe crap like that. It's not even possible. Can SCIENCE explain why people or kids can bend light or darkness? Huh?" He questioned his paranoid brother. Although, was it really true that there are light and darkness benders? Where could they be right now?

A boy with black hair a blue-grey like eyes appeared out of the shadows. It was Hayato. "Yes. There are Light and Darkness benders." The boy said in a deep but really high voice. "Didn't you hear? Everyone in the tribe were taking about them. Hiko, I know, heard about it." He said. Hayato was the teacher of the twins.

"Come on! You'd actually believe that there are such things as, light and darkness benders? Can they control the sun? Hmm? Or can they control the night skys or the moon or anything? HUH?!" Hiro, who is now turning paranoid exclaimed.
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Uzu Rain Guardian
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