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 Ken no ame

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PostSubject: Ken no ame   Fri Aug 12, 2011 5:58 am

Name of ability: Ken no ame

Ability: It has over 20 techniques, but Uzu only knows 5 so far.

List of Attacks:

Name: Tears of Rain
Effects: The user's sword starts to form Rain Flames, then the Flames burst out, then it starts to rain. After 10 seconds, the rain turns into spikes, and will only fly to the opponent.

Name: Rain Armor
Effects: Rain Flames will swarm around the user like an armor like shape.

Name: October Rain
Effects: The user lifts up the water, then slashes in this order: Horizontal, Vertical, Diagonal to the left, Diagonal to the right. After that, the user crouches down, forming a barrier.

Name: Falling Rain
Effects: The user rises up their sword, along with the water or Rain Flames, then slashes it down, creating a Rain Flame or Water Slash to the opponent

Name: Tricky Rain
Effects: The user first makes a wave, using their reflection, meanwhile when the opponent hits the reflection, the real user comes out, then aims a slash.

Weakness: Sky FLames

Type of Flame: Rain

Requirements: None

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Ken no ame
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