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 Apocalisse(The Beginning of the End, how cliche)

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Scherzo Rosso
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PostSubject: Apocalisse(The Beginning of the End, how cliche)   Sun Feb 28, 2010 6:02 am

Name of ability: Apocalisse - 'Apocalypse'

Ability: The ability to infuse the Storm element Flame of Anima into the specifically designed set of 13 dice. The dice then gain the corrosive element of the respective name(while are incapable of corroding themselves due to being synthetically made weapons especially for Anima). Requires a single post to infuse the Storm Flame into the dice. They must be used immediately, lest Anima's hand corrodes from the contact with them. All 13 cannot be held in one hand due to logical reasons, thus both hands are used to infuse all Thirteen.

List of Attacks:
The attacks are determined by the number of die rolled, and whether it's even or odd or prime. The larger the number dice held, the greater the chance of severe injury(to Anima). Anima has only developed attacks up to three dice. The effect is determined by how many die resonate together. If spaced enough, dice can be seperated into multiple groups, which can lead to several attacks at once.

The remainder of this template pertains to the Dice, and shall be listed in the the weapons section.

The weakness of the ability is that it requires a 4 post(bout.turn) cooldown so as to prevent Anima from losing control of his Storm flame and seriously injuring himself. While he CAN forcibly charge the dice again, the cooldown triples if such occurs.

Dice cannot be immediately re-charged, and must be allowed to cool-off for 5 posts(upon the end of their effects).

It is called Apocalypse due to the exponential growth rate of destruction as the number of die increases. Showing how the 'End of Days' begins ordinary, and simple ... only to develop into an unstoppable force.
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Millefiore XV/The Sky Funeral Wreath

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PostSubject: Re: Apocalisse(The Beginning of the End, how cliche)   Sun Feb 28, 2010 11:15 am

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Apocalisse(The Beginning of the End, how cliche)
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