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 Weapons ... dice? XD

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Scherzo Rosso
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PostSubject: Weapons ... dice? XD   Sun Feb 28, 2010 6:47 am

Name of Weapon: I Dadi Del Diavolo - 'The Dice of the Devil'

Appearance of Weapon: Really? They look like ordinary six-sided die, except there are thirteen of them altogether.

Type of Weapon: Die - Projectile - Flame

Ability of Weapon: Combined with Anima's ability to infuse his Flame to create: Apocalisse.

Type of flame: Storm.

List of Weapon's attacks:

Organized by # of dice and type of roll. There are no names for each individual attack/ability/effect. The effect that takes place is the sum of the topmost faces of the die.

Single Die: Odd
Effects: Explosive discharge of Storm flame in 0.5m(50cm) diameter blast, that begins to eat away at whatever it comes into contact to. The flame dissipates after a single post(anyone's).

Single Die: Even
Effects: The die turns into a homing weapon, homing in at Anima. The instant it strikes some object, it will discharge the flame(much like Single-Odd). The homing die cannot change course upon speeding towards Anima.
Two Dice: Odd (non-prime)
Effects: The dice's 'beams' home in on Anima's location ... meaning if he's still standing there, all 16 beams will slam down and create a massive explosion that has a 2 meter diameter. The beams have no length restriction during this role, and redirect themselves to avoid striking anything but Anima ... although, that only counts for non-static objects(Anima tends to throw sand, or dirt if this role occurs ... assuming there IS any) as they cannot perform split-second changes in direction.

Two Dice: Even (non-prime)
Effects: Instead of a blast, beams are shot out in 8 directions(each corner of the die) from both dice. The beam's length can reach up to 0.5m(50cm), but the following explosion after it either a) reaches maximum distance or b) strikes something expands to a single meter in diameter. The flames dissipate after a single post.

Two Dice: Prime
Effects: Nothing happens. It just ends up being a waste of Storm flames. The cooldown(5 for dice and 4 for ability) still apply.
Three Dice: Odd (non-prime)
Effects: Like a Hurricane, the discharge swirls around the dice(which serves as the center or the 'eye'). It lasts for a two turns(thus two of Anima's posts). The corrosive Storm flame will devour anything within the 4 meter diameter of the spherical attack. This includes most other flames, weapons, surroundings, and more often than not ... people.

Three Dice: Even (non-prime)
Effects: The three dice become possessed, and surround Anima in a triangular formation ... then the fire off the Storm flames in a triangular prism shape that extends down into the Earth and up into the Heavens ... if Anima moves fast enough, he can avoid the worst as the dice remain stationary upon the discharge. He'll still be pretty badly injured. The discharge is almost instantaneous, and only lasts for a single post.

Three Dice: Prime
Effects: Much like the earlier Three-Even role, the dice will take a triangular formation ... only on a MUCH larger scale. Capable of covering about 20 meters in area, although the intensity of the Storm flame will be lessened, can still cause some serious damage. Anima is at risk of being injured upon this roll, and needs to move quickly so as to avoid the worst possible scenario. The destructive blast lasts for a single bout/turn (so a single post for Anima).

Weakness: A LOT of negative effects mixed in with positive ones.

Requirements: Storm Flame and a LOT of luck. (Or a good eyes and strong legs)

Weapon users: Only Anima

Name of Weapon: N/A

Appearance of Weapon:

Type of Weapon: Knives - Projectile - Melee - Close-range

Ability of Weapon: Nada

Type of flame:

List of Weapon's attacks:
Swish: Long-range throw, enhanced by Anima's numerous years of practice with these kind of weapons.

Slash: A small weapon is usually useless against a gun or a larger weapon ... close-quarters combat or not. In the hands of a master assassin, it's usually easy to cut someone open before they can respond.

Reach out and ...: *GRAB* *SLIT* *FLOMP* I just assassinated you! lol.

Effects: O.o Really? Umm ... lots of cuts and probably blood?

Weakness: The number capable of carrying ... relatively useless in direct combat against an opponent who knows your exact location ... or in an open area.

Requirements: None, but to use it effectively, a couple months of training and probably understanding the physics would help too.

Weapon users: Anyone who can get their hands on a few. Anima
Name of Weapon: 'My fist to your face.'

Appearance of Weapon: Physical limbs, aka some form of martial arts or self-defense. Be it fists or feet.

Type of Weapon: Melee - Close-range - Emergency

Ability of Weapon: O.o

Type of flame: O.o

List of Weapon's attacks: O.o

Effects: O.o Broken bones, incapacitation, probability of Death?

Weakness: If damaged, it becomes useless

Requirements: A want to use your body to beat the stuffings out of someone.

Weapon users: Anyone who wants to pummel someone else, Anima.
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Millefiore XV/The Sky Funeral Wreath

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PostSubject: Re: Weapons ... dice? XD   Sun Feb 28, 2010 11:17 am

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Weapons ... dice? XD
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