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 Lucie. Char app.

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PostSubject: Lucie. Char app.   Sun Feb 28, 2010 1:11 pm

Character name: Lucie

Code name/ Alias/ nickname:
None( yet to be made)

Weapon Name: I have 2 guns, no name for them.

Ability name: Multipication cloud stuff.
Flame: Cloud

Desired Rank: Cloud Guardian
Desired Family: Vongola
Age: 18

Character Appearance:

Character Personality: Lucie is a very independent girl who likes to be alone and hates groups of people, she gets annoyed by them most of the time as they can get in the way of her and her thibgs but if a group is better for a misson she will go in one as she always wants to do best for the misson even if it means going against things she dosent usually do or things she usually hates. Lucie loves noone and is only loyal to the vongola boss as she loved next to him for a while and is the only person who underatsnds her wanting to be independent and her personality and desires. Lucie is odly always happy even when alone and it kinda of adds to her being happy in an odd way. Lucie is the cloud guardian but is not always up for a fight and wont always rush in and she may just sit back and talk or do nothing, she will only do things if it interests her and her pet. Lucie's pet is a porcupine which can mutliply itself and its needles ( will rwgister it). Lucie feels like it cmunicates with eher by the sounds it makes so it is kinda like Lucie's best friend and if people hurt it she will be preety mad.

Character Background:
Lucie lived near the current vongola boss when she was a little girl with her two parents and no brothers or sisters, her parents knew the mafia were around them but they had a deal with them that they would never be involed and they would pretend their were no mafia around their when enimies came questioning around. ( from when she was born to around 16). In this time Lucie got to know the vongola boss well and he knew her well so she was chosen as the vongola cloud guardian. Lucie was always training to be the best when she was younger and lived near the vongola boss she got very good at using two guns and started practating using her cloud ring to make new abilities. Lucie was always striving to sreve the vongola boss and would always go and do things for him and missons to prove her training had worked and she was worthy of being a guardian duruing these missons Lucie came across many weird people and had to kill many people so she had no fear of death or killing people which kinda made her the independent person who she is now. Lucie had weird parents who lived near the mafia but were not part of it and kinda didnt like them and they began to hate Lucie for joining it so they moved out when Lucie was 10 and left her to live byherself in the house and be the person who she wanted to be in the mafia but they didnt like or want that so they left, this left Lucie to be independent so she looked after herself well and learnt many trival things about living a normal life and she bacame a great cook becuase she always had to cookforherself from the money she got from the mafia(vongola). Lucie then spent alot of time with the vongola boss when she didnt want to be alone but soon she wanted to do some stuff for herself and left to go around the world finding stuff nd places and in a remote island is where she found her pet yet to be names its just pet or porcupine at the minute. Lucie spent alot of time in foreign countries learning about their colutrues and stuff and adding to her knowledge of stuff and she met lots of people from mafia to tribes building up alliances if ever needed in the future. Lucie then moved back to her old house where it seemed that the vongola boss had moved to a mansion elsewhere or something but Lucie is still loyal to him although she hasnt seen him in 2 years which is now in the present. Just before this moment Lucie was spending time with her pet porcupine which is yet to be named and was enjoying being alone with her best friend in the back garden of the house which was preety small. Lucie was basking in the sun trying to tan with her pet on her lap talking and fussing it. This was a usual afternoon for Lucie for her it was very fun but olthers would look on it as something very boring and crazy and that was fine with Lucie. Lucie was basking in the sun when some people dressend fully in black mafia/ninja outfits came barging through Lucie's garden fence adn house pointing guns at her and yet they didnt shoot they made a walkway for a man who was a leader with a dominating presence. He was a scary man and Lucie knew he was an enemy but was not interested in fighting now so she sat calmyl sunbathing still and let the man talk... He wanted the vongola boss and Lucie said and answered truthly that she did not know where he was and they continued to question her saying they knew he lived here and blah blah blah Lucie coudnt care so she didnt answer and only said he lived here and now he dosent goodbye senor.... they then lefta angry and annpyed and still clueless that she was the cloud guardian dun dun derrr... But Lucie didnt attack and fixed up the fence and house and carried on living alone with her pet doing what ever she wanted which was train and then nothing for ages

Role play sample:

A Naruto Site, done by me.

Tschune had been waiting patiently for days on end, it had seemed to Tschune, but really it had only been one small hour. It wasn’t boredom that made it seem like an eternity what was it.. Tschune pondered this thought over and over again. Trying to cover every aspect of it with her mind searching in the deepest corners of it. Tschune looked back to her comrade Zanza Naara who had been showing her the way Naara’s fight, well the majority of them. The certain techniques used by them.
Tschune had been watching Zanza go into depth about his Naara techniques, for example how to catch a person’s shadow, he had crouched down slowly, with one knee gently resting on the soft luscious green grass, as the other knee stood high and tall in the mighty wind like a skyscraper. He forced his hands quickly into a hand sign, and to Tschune the hand sign could have been rat or ox, but she was not as focused as she should be on the hand sign, and was waiting for the after effect of it.
Tschune waited patiently as Zanza performed many Naara techniques before her very eyes. Tschune watched as the shadows moved gracefully and smoothly over the lumpy, ,harsh and dark terrain below it. This did not change the shadows movements it still zoomed towards Tschune with a fast pace. The shadow crunched onto Tschune’s own shadow with no noise, but Tschune felt a numbness flow through her body it had gone numb and weak, Tschune was powerless. Tschune had lost feeling all over body, she could not move. Tschune thought to herself after a deep breath “This is why the Naara are feared as a clan. I have no control over my body it is under the control of another person.” Tschune thought in her mind to move her body to see if she could escape this. Tschune channelled her energy through her body into her right arm signalling for it to move up. Tschune’s arm did not obey her command it was frozen it seemed lifeless, just hanging by her body not moving even when commanded to. Tschune tried moving everyone of her main limbs with all the force she could muster up. It was no use Tschune’s body did not answer her it was just like a puppet now, waiting for the commands of someone else to move. Tschune was under Zanza’s she was like his slave and could not move until he wished her to do so or set her free.
Tschune’s right arm suddenly moved without warning, it was Zanza he was planning something. Tschune’s right arm reached down to her leg and opened up her kunai pouch slowly, as this was happening little bits of sand behind her will moving around. Tschune had pulled out a kunai and moved upwards quickly and harshly, as this happened a column of sand rose with her and was beginning to fall back to the ground. As Zanza drew his kunai and threw it with his dominant hand towards Tschune she mimicked his movements because of the effect of his jutsu and threw hers with the same speed and pace towards him. Both kunai zoomed through the air creating ripples as they moved seeming to make a current in the air. As the kunai were flying the sand behind Tschune shifted, it was rising once more this time more fierce than before it was headed towards Tschune and Zanza, along the path of the kunai. The sand moved pretty fast but it lacked in strength and control. Before the sand could reach its destination it fell flat to the ground sprinkling sand around Tschune. There were multiple sand grains on the ground almost invisible around the green grass but Tschune was focused on it and saw it clear as day. Tschune marvelled at the sand noticing its power in her own eyes. Tschune wanted this power more than she had wanted anything in her life, well apart from killing the man who killed her parents and took one of her eyes.
Tschune still remembered that day as if it was yesterday it was so clear to her the pure horror and devastation performed by the people who attacked and killed her family her parents the people Tschune really cared about. It was just like any other day, Tschune was out playing in the rocks like she loved to do and her parents were cooking and cleaning and all seemed great... Until the bandits arrived and demanded money and food and Tschune! Tschune’s parents gave into every demand the bandits gave them except giving away their precious daughter. The bandits hated such rebellion against them and had no tolerance for it and cut down Tschune’s parents in cold blood. They had killed Tschune’s parent’s right before her own eyes. Then the bandits set upon torturing Tschune to pay for her parent’s crimes. They started with her eyes and slowly cut one of them with an old rusty and infected blade. As they bandits were cutting Tschune’s eye a ninja appeared out of nowhere and began a counter attack on the bandits. Their mediocre skills were no match to this mighty ninja he was taking them all on at once, and without a doubt was winning without even trying. Finally after a while he defeated all the low life bandits but by this time Tschune had her eye pulled out and was down to one. The ninja saw this cruelty and took on the cocky bandit who thought he was going to win but was taken out by a flick of the ninja’s right hand which sent the bandit flying into the canyons presumably to his death. The ninja had a kind and gentle face which looked like it could see through you and that it was not meant for killing but this man had all in order to save a small unknown girl to him. He then helped Tschune and began healing the socket where her eye once was and wrapped it up in some bandages and kissed her forehead and suddenly vanished from site. Before Tschune could thank this man he was gone into the wind just like her parents no longer with her...
Tschune snapped back into real life with Zanza and back into the training field where Zanza was continuing to show her Naara techniques in preparation to fight one or maybe more... He showed many techniques on end boring Tschune as she thought they were pretty much the same but each time they would change slightly and Tschune would have to focus on these exact details and she wasn’t in the mood for focusing on shadows all she wanted to do was master the sand. Tschune didn’t care of the effects these jutsu had on her anymore shadow strangle etc etc Tschune just wanted sand so she nodded to Zanza and began telling a white lie. Tschune began telling Zanza that she was to worn out from her new powers of sand manipulation and his jutsu was too strong for her and had made her body weak and that she needed to go home and sleep. Tschune took a slow pace out of the training grounds trying to make it seem like she was really was worn. Tschune walked over the green grass crushing leaves as she went and went through the exit of the training grounds through the rusting fence. Tschune reached the main part of her village Kumo and began walking down the same road once more picking up a dust trail as she walked on the cracked dusty old pavement towards the place called home but had never felt like home to her, like the home she had in her old village of Iwagakure... Tschune missed Iwa so much even though it was filled with bad memories it was her home she had loved it always even though it was not the best village or the prettiest to others but to her there was no place better than it and Tschune decided to go there once more to just see it for one last time and then forget all about it. Tschune decided that she would go home first to pack for her trip back to Iwa. Tschune would need food water and sleeping gear and something on the lines of a tent. Tschune walked slowly into her home and slamming on the lights as she did. Her home was not to great just a small bungalow really but there was so must dust gathering as Tschune had been too busy and never got round to cleaning it. There was bits of mess lying around the place but Tschune was too eager to get back to Iwa she didn’t bother to clean up the mess around her she just began to pack for her journey to Iwa, her homeland. Tschune began scouring the house for any sign of edible food which hadn’t gone of yet. Tschune was throwing everything to anywhere in this search until she came across some green bread ewwww, some mouldy fruit which she lobbed out of the window along with the bread... Tschune’s search seemed to be hopeless until she came across an unopened box of crackers! They were edible Tschune carefully placed in her backpack along with 10 big bottles of water, a pillow a duvet/quilt and attached a mini tent on the back. Tschune was packed and ready to go! Tschune just realised she was not clean and she would not be able to clean herself on the journey to Iwa so this would be her last chance. Tschune walked slowly and calmly into the bathroom and began turning the hot and cold taps on as put the plug in and her favourite bubble bath Vanilla Sensation! The bath was nice and hot perfect for relaxation. The steam was rising out and Tschune got undressed NOT FOR YOUNG READERS! Tschune loved the relaxing bath and spent around an hour just relaxing in its warmth. When Tschune got out she dried herself thoroughly and got dressed in a fresh set of clothes which she had never worn before they were brand new. Tschune picked up her back pack ruthlessly as she was in a hurry and began to head for the door but first she had to make sure every window and door was locked before leaving so bandit’s coudnt steal her stuff, not like there was anything worth stealing. Tschune then turned off the appliances and lights and ran for the door slamming it shut and locking it before she headed out on her journey. Tschune headed out once more onto the dusty, dry, old and cracked pavement as she headed for the gates of her village Kumo. Tschune was walking towards the might gates ahead of her, directly in the sunlight and glistening like new polished diamonds and crystals, just as Tschune was approaching them an old man yelled her name from across the street. It was the fruit vender on the market strip, Tschune turned back and walked slowly to the old man who wanted to talk to Tschune every day, Tschune had no idea why... Tschune strolled over to him and wondered what the old geezer wanted to talk about today, after listening in he was blabbering on about politics and how the world has changed from his day blah blah blah, he was so boring and repetitive everything was better on his day and he always thought he was right and Tschune agreed with him but she would just nod and agree to get away from him. This time the man would not stop and would carry on even after Tschune agreed with him; he was on a big old rant! The man carried on and on until Tschune told another white lie and said that she had an important mission to go so could she please leave... The old man suddenly stopped and apologised for taking up so much of her time when she needed to do a mission and wished her good luck, Just as Tschune was headed for the gates once more the old man stopped her and lobbed an apple at her face. Saying thanks for listening to him even though she was busy. Tschune thought that this was real nice and sweet by the old man, the first time he has ever been nice to her.
Tschune headed towards the mighty gates of Kumo passing many new and old faces as she walked, Tschune then realised she did not have a mission she could not leave the village without being hunted so she went round a street corner where nobody could see her and sunk into the earth using her earth manipulation and headed away from kumo. Once Tschune was far enough away from the gates and kumo itself so she could not be seen she launched herself out of the ground gasping for some air to fill her lungs. Tschune was covered in mud from travelling underground she had just ruined her new clothes with minutes of wearing them. Tschune began to brush of the worst of the mud but the main of it would not come off or leave marks from trying to get rid of it. Tschune prepared herself for the journey to Iwa it wasn’t going to be short or easy. Tschune hadn’t been to Iwa in so long she was starting to doubt if she could find her way through the canyons to the village hidden in the rocks. First of all Tschune had to get to the Land of Earth, before she could worry about getting lost. Tschune tugged her back pack tightly to make sure it was secure, Tschune then began to walk at an average pace towards the land of earth. Left foot, right foot, left foot, right foot, left foot, right foot, left foot, right foot, left foot, right foot. Was all that was going through Tschune’s mind other than thinking about how to walk, Tschune’s mind was blank. Tschune was walking over the long dusty path towards the land of earth! Tschune carried on walking, just placing one foot after the other on the road where the view seemed to stay the same.

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PostSubject: Re: Lucie. Char app.   Sun Feb 28, 2010 1:35 pm

I would like you to expand the Background massively.
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Lucie. Char app.
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