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 Combat Rules(Under Revision)

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Scherzo Rosso
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PostSubject: Combat Rules(Under Revision)   Sun Feb 28, 2010 8:27 pm

1. Be reasonable. Your character does not have 100 arms, and thus cannot do 100 things at once. The same applies to a single post of combat. While there are no restrictions, currently, on the number of actions you can perform ... do not abuse the freedom, as it would be unrealistic and potential god-modding.

2. DO NOT GOD-MODE. God-mode refers to playing a character in such a way that he or she is invincible in every aspect and can never lose. God-moding can also be in the form of allowing your hits to ALWAYS strike your target, instantly killing them, or describing their actions when they are CLEARLY not your character.


3. Please, refrain from killing another player-character unless you have gained permission from that role-player TO kill off that character. Not everyone is comfortable with allowing their original creations to die.

4. There is always a strict order of posts in a battle. It goes in the order of entry into a topic. Author, Poster 1: for example. The author begins the cycle(or turn or bout) which is followed by a post from Poster 1, who usually introduces him or herself and then responds to the Author. Once Poster 1 is finished, Bout/Turn/Cycle 1 is finished, and we begin with the second Cycle/Turn/Bout starting with the Author again.

IF someone joins a fight in the middle of a posting cycle, that post is counted, but they shall be put at the end of the posting order ... and must wait until the cycle the posted in ends, and from await the end of the new cycle.

For example:(Turn 1) Author, Poster 1. (Turn 2) Author, Poster 2 Intro post, Poster 1. (Turn 3) Author, Poster 1, Poster 2.

5. In a fight where allies are fighting against each other, the opposing forces alternate posts with each other ACCORDING to entry into the topic.
Team A: Author, Poster 3
Team B: Poster 1, Poster 2

Even though the ally of the author was the last person to join the topic, they are counted in the alternating cycle between 'teams' or 'allies'

For example: (Turn 1) Author Intro(A), Poster 1(B), Poster 2(B), Poster 3(A). (Turn 2) Author(A), Poster 1(B), Poster 3(A), Poster 2(B).

The point of the previous two rules is to create a fair opportunity for posters and or teams to post and respond to previous posts in an orderly fashion. Adherence to these orders is strongly recommended.

6. Have fun! While the fights may be serious in nature, you don't have to be all pent-up and ferocious! Relax a bit, otherwise you may be posting while agitated.

7. Important: In order to preserve realism, when engaging in battle you CAN NOT imediately flee(unless you have obtained permission from your opponents). This is because in an actual combat situation, no enemy is going to let you run away because you want to. Of course, if you've immobilized your opponent, or confused them ... you can then flee.

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Combat Rules(Under Revision)
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