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 Ryo's techs

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PostSubject: Ryo's techs   Tue Mar 02, 2010 6:45 pm

Name of ability: Monk's way

Ability:[u] Thanks to Master Monks teaching Ryo has achieved unhuman speed on the ground, while he is on the ground he's speed is almost unmatched to any other human. And his accurary is 300% of normal human.

[u]List of Attacks:

Name: Six Veins Divine Sword

Effects: Attacks the bodys vital points to stun the target with his two fingers and after recovery from the stun, the targets speed is reduced by 25% (Stuns for 1 post)

Name: Four Veins Divine Sword

Effects: With his two fingers he hits targets body and locks the flow of flames. Makes it three times harder to produce a strong flame.

(ill add more once i figure some out... )

Weakness: Fat body

Type of Flame: Rain

Requirements: You have to be Ryo to do this ...

Weakness: Fat body
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Ryo's techs
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