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 The Twilight Curse.

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Clover & Clyde

Clover & Clyde

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PostSubject: The Twilight Curse.   Wed Mar 03, 2010 2:34 am

Character name:
Clover and Clyde.

Code name/ Alias/ nickname:
The Twilight Curse.

Weapon Name:

Ability name:

Mist flames

Desired Rank:
The Mist Funeral Wrath

Desired Family:

[x]...[x]...[x] .................................... [x]...[x]...[x]
Character Appearance:
Clover and Clyde are Paternal twins, meaning they are twins but are completely opposite [Male or female, tall and short, etc.] Clover stands 5'8" and Clyde stands 6'1". These two are rather unique in their apperance. Clover is a very delicate woman.Her figure is rather average, with a rather appealing curvacious look to it. Her eyes are a icey blue colour, almost translusid. Her skin is a smooth, ivory pale colour with a creampy peach complextion burried in her pigments. Clover keeps a basic appeal, a more top suit style, as if she ran a buisness. But her apperance decieves how she acts. Clyde is a rather mysterious figure. He's the eldest of the two and rathe renjoys changing his apperance a few times a day. From blue hair to red, from his normal Blue eyes to a golden yellow contact, he seems to never appear the same. Bizaare? Perhaps. But a new apperance always keeps the enemy guessing. The only thing that stays the same on this man is his skin colour, a radiant cream colour, and his personality. There is no way one word could describe a rather new man everyday.

The two of them are Paternal Twins, Clyde is older then Clover by Two Minutes. The Two of them are Twenty-one.

Character Personality:

One of Clover's main traits in her personality is that she is a sweetie. She never tends to anger herself over small little things. She enjoys the more sweeter side oflife. Clover is natural kind hearted towards many people, mostly her family for children.With simple intrests, she offers a reassuring smile and go abouts her day, hoping to brighten anothers.

Without a word, a simple command the the young womans at your word. Clover is a rather submissive woman. She perfers to follow the order then to give it. She's very docile and listens quite well. She was usually grown up under her brothers wings, an experssion to say she always listened to him.

Sometimes, a simple blush doesn't man intrest. Clover has always been protected most of her life, which allowed her to become a bit anti-social with others, making her a bashful girl. She is a very quite child and always, and usually, is around her older twin. She doesn't do much speaking as of today.

Clyde seems to be a rather arrogant bastard, putting it bluntly. He is more so the typical male when it comes ot be a more protective type. He'll brag about his doings and always offer a devious grin to accomidate his rather cocky and bitter attitude. He grew onto this rather alluring personality trait since he hit highschool, always being the one to protect his sister of course.

With little thought, Clyde became the dominate of the two.(not refured to in a sexual manner). Clyde was always the one to protect and shelter his young twin. He was always there to make sure she was alright, whether he came home with bruises or injuries. With theses two, Clyde gained the bossier role in their relationship; to balance out their split personal.

Clyde had to grow a back bone. He always had to be the top of two when they'd go to school. Clyde seemed to have a protective side to him then anything. Many people saw him as Clovers future husband or body gaurd. Clyde saw himself as more of a savior or hero for the damnsil in distress.

Simular traits:
Being twins, they tend to share a simliar personality string. Both of them are rather 'open' with the opposing genders. Their more coy ways of being with a male of female seems to lure them in a bit. They find it a bit fun to tease and dally the more weaker people.It's a bit of a dangerous trait if you have the two of them going at it.

Being a bit strong headded runs in the family with these two. They tend to try and get their way at times. Uusally, if it's an order, they seem mor epersistant to complete the task and never stop. These two get a bit hard headed when it comes to something they want,

Character Background:

A day in my life would never be the same... without you...
The streets fell wet as the pouring rain crash and collided into the concreate streets of the little town of Italy. The skys, darker then a shadow in the night, and the booming thunder, louder then a firecracker. The sky would light up once and a while, giving the darkness a bit of a rather mystical appeal to them. Not a start in the sky to guide a wandering child home. Deep breaths araised in a very suttle echo, panting as if they were out of air. "B---Brother?!" A young, child like voice shouted, becoming drowned out in the sounds of the heavy rain. Pitter and patter went the shuffling of feet on the streets rough exterior, presenting one presence, a lost hopeful. The young child continued to wander the streets, becoming drenches in Heavens tears; as if they could never find their way home.

Alone you shall be.. forever searching for that other part of your life... your other exsitance

The child continued to ramble to streets, in a loss for words. But, there was more then one child on the road crying for a helping hand..

You'll become united once you find the real purpose..

"Clover! Stay where you are! Don't move!" A more masculan tone arised in the darkness of the streets, coming to follow only the drowned out echo's of the other voice he heard. Why would two search for one another?

There was a time before this night... a night they'd soon to never forget.

The day was sunny, a more glorious day to bring wo smiles to their own faces. There was a small door in the near corner of the street, a small building: a house. Withing the home was a humble family, a father, and two well behaved kids. They were rather young then, Eight at the time, when their family once dwelled in their home. "Papa! Come quick!!" the young child called out, nearing themselves by the open window. The elder man wandered over and picked up the child and stood near their dusty window. "The sky cried last night.. and left a rather colourful present!!"

"A rainbow, Clover." The man chuckled softly and hugged the young girl close to him, placing a light kiss atop the crown of her head. "The sun relfects off the puddles and rivers and creates a colourful surprise in the blue sky above us, a gift for us." Clover looked up at the man and gave him a more pleasent smile, only to then grip onto his shirt a bit. "Papa. Why do we smile when we see such a colourful bow in the sky?".

"The answer is right under your nose, my child. You smile because it makes oyu happy to see such colours.." The young girl giggled and was placed down into the floor once more, before she ran off into the distance. The older man watched for a moment before glancing up. He just shook his head and closed the blinds, for tonight might be the last night to enjoy such a dream. This household was different. With the loss of the mans wife at the day of his kids birth, he was left to raise the two bundles on his own. Clover was rather a handful but Clyde seemed to more to himself. But, as his father said, protect her with your life.. of we'll lose th eonly mother figure we have left in our lives. Clover looked a lot like her mother, giving the two of them hope. Their mother was a sweet, simple, and charming young woman with an open heart. But, she had died giving birth to their twin children on Valentines day, leaving him a gift but no one to share them with. But, even to this very day, there was no going back on the choice he had to make.

"Father! Clyde and I are off to school... Will you walk us to the corner?"

The older man looked at the two with a mor eblank stare in his eyes before nodding. "Of course".

Tonights a night to remeber..

The day dragged on slowly, like it was annticipating something. A bell tolling adays end for children alike, school was out. Clover wandered over to clyde and took a hold of his hand, dragging him along with her. These two appeared to be the perfect couple, but their connection was deeper then love. It was a bond. "Clyde, Papa said we'd best hurry home today. He's got dinner waiting for us---" The child was tugged back, clydes hand gripping her tightly and pulling her behind him. "Clover, stay still..." His voice echo'd with anger and dominance, as if he went into protection mode. Before the young children stood a tall figure, an older child. A school boy? Perhaps. But nothing put fear into the younger children more then a middle schooler.The young boy snarled a bit as he bared his teeth,glaring up at the figure. This tall figure glanced out in the school yard befor elooking down at the two, grinning before speaking in a sultrated voice. "Run along, Children. This isn't a place you should be playing in.." With those words Clyde quickly dragged Clover with him, running from the man.

A creeper indeed, but an allie in the near future..

The day grew young, allowing night to come and take over the hues of the sky, allowing the sun to be swallowed by the darkness of the navy blue sky.Within the small home, The elder man was tucking his children into bed, allowing them a final chance to say their goodbyes. "Papa.."
"No but's my child.. If you hear anything tonight then hide.. and wait till the morn," Clyde glanced over at his father and sister, offering them a more stubborn glare then anything. What went through his mind was something he'd never forget to his adult hood. 'Protect her, like she was your won child'. The night was cut short once rucus began to arise in the house. And as instructed before, Clyde took Clover away from the home, only to watch the small place become burned. A young childs scream echoed in the street, making it seem like the whole family was killed, children and all.

Two years past since that night, leading us to this rainy affair. "H--How could I lose her?! I--I promised father!" The young man clentched his fists onto the wall behind him, snarling under his breath. "I've failed...".

"A failiure, you are not, Child." A voice echo'd behind him, hearing a faint panting noise. Clyde slowly peeked behind him, turning to face the figure. Attached to his hand was the frightened one of his own kin, Clover. She was drentched, wet, tired, and she entrusted her life with a stranger. "L--Let her go!"

"Calm down.. I'm not here to harm her.But rather, I'm here to offering something. Your father, was murdered two years ago by a hitman whom seeks revenge on surviors.. Kow you escaped made the man mor elikely to come after two... innocent children such as yourselves." Her held the young girls hand tighter, bringing her closer to himself. Clyde furrowed his brows in a panic, quickly going over to Clover and tugging her. "We ahve nothing to do with what happened to father! I--I can protect her myself!"

"Protection by one isn't easy... She is a fragile girl... and she needs to be raised in a healty enviornment,,With a family."

The boy became shocked, looking up at the man before bowing his head. The man smirked and placed his hand on the childs shoulder and brought him along, forever enpowering the two. This was only the beginning of a new start fo them...

And open window.

Year flew by since that night, the two much older and more experianced in their fields. But now working under their 'older brother' as they'd refer to him as. Forever in debt to his kindess.

Role play sample:
Bleach white...
Tiny grains....
Of agony...

This is life beyond the colourful world. The first thing I wake up to is a dirty window that allows me to only see in black and white, and nothing more. I don't even think I remember what the colour yellow looks like anymore... some bright and illuminating tint that could be seen from miles and yet, this place is full of sorrow and depressing shades. Miles around, I see nothing but a vast distance... Like I'm looking into a tunnel. You'd assume a living space would be more vibrant and relaxing and yet it's like a lifeless and boring area... No drop of water for miles and no sight of another living thing for decades. I've been alone for quite a number of years, just wondering if there is any purpose to this land. I've been searching for its real meaning and its real purpose and it has still yet to be found.

Light winds began to stroll over the surface of the darkened world, the sand blowing beneath its motions; almost like it was trying to keep up with its pace.

And yet I stand here with no purpose to my exsistance...

A solemn figure stood on the pure, sandy surface of the land; Her eyes gazing around her before focusing forward. There are days you hear a noise and hope for a face to smile at... Her left foot rose up and motioned forward, the first step of the day that began her feminine stride. The grains became pressure under her foot, making a small and faint crunch noise that echoed in her mind. With an emotionless face she placed her right foot forward, the same sound creeping into her senses once more, causing her to lightly close her eyes. The faint noises of someone running forward with open arms to bring you into an embrace... The feminine figure began to make haste, rushing forward in hopes her thoughts would come to reality. She lightly brought her arms outward, allowing the tips of her fingers and her palm to face to direction of the wind, only to begin to trace them along its cold and light curtain texture. Just to feel the warmth of someone else, just to feel the pressure of wrapped arms around your own physic.... The woman continued to run forward, allowing that once emotionless face to morph slightly. A sincere, sweet smile began to sprawl from her velvet soft lips, expressing a warm feeling the began to rush through her frame.

But then, you realize that..

You're just standing there alone, Like an Idiot.

The woman ceased in her tacks, the sensation beginning to slowly die inside her. Her eyes lightly opened once more, taking in the same old scenery from a moment ago; no matter how far she ran. You stand here, facing the fact that you will never see another... That your so called dreams just shattered at your own two feet.. Her head slowly hung dejectedly before her hands lightly dropped from her sides, allowing the tingling sensation she once felt in her fingertips begin to stop. She brought her right hand to trail up her delicate face, trailing the length of it and feeling every inch of her soft, ivory pale skin until it met the line of her chestnut brown hair. Slowly her fingertips pressed lightly on the hair line and sprawled slightly, beginning to slowly creep into its thick strands, pushing it slowly back off her face. Her bister coloured eyes once more rose from looking at the glowing white sand beneath her to only gaze at more in the distance. I stand here like an emotional wreck, seeking for nothing, looking for hope that will never come around.. Her Lolita styled dress began to sway in the winds gesture, drifting the puff of her skirt to the left slightly before her hair soon followed; the strands beginning to twine and dance in its motion. Her smile faded, turning from idiotic and dumb founded to nothing, like she came to a realization. And to think, My past could of caught up to me but I still search for something; just that one thing.... She began to slowly fall to her knees, beginning to break down inside. The hand that once rested in her hair quickly left its hold to only be placed against the sands surface, pressing into it with a bit of weight; her right hand soon to follow in the same way. She leaned over a bit, causing her hands to fall deeper into the sand, the grains slowly covering the top of her gorgeous hands. She grew an intense look, like she was holding back tears, before those hands began to clutch, grasping the gains within their hold before raising them out of the texture as tossing it aside. She began to dig for something. I can feel something beneath me... Something human and alive!. She continued to dig and toss about the sand, creating small piles beside her before she stopped. She had stumbled upon something, something rough and hard but smooth and thick. With ease her fingers coiled around the cylinder like object; once held in her fist she yanked it out of the sand, only to hear a loud swoosh that took over the silence of the area around her. A small screech was heard from the object before her eyes looked on the thing she had just retrieved from the sand, blood slowly beginning to trail down the length of her ivory pale arm. In her hand she held a massive bone; with blood, tendons and flesh still fresh on it. Someones meal still dying in the sand.. She felt her eyes widen before she dropped the bone, looking on her arm at the luscious, ruby red colour the draped down her arm; she grew terrified. My purity is soiled.....I look like a murderous feign in someone else's eyes.

Is bound
To come by...

She quickly pushed the bone back into the hold she dug and buried it, covering it with as much sand as possible, leaving nothing but blood drops over it's location. She quickly rose to her feet. dusting herself off with both hands; leaving the evidence clear on her skin and dress. Someone will come to the smell of blood... And thus... I will leave myself as a target for someone to hunt..
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PostSubject: Re: The Twilight Curse.   Thu Mar 04, 2010 8:57 pm

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The Twilight Curse.
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