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 Ryoma Sakuraba (Done)

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Ryoma Sakuraba

Ryoma Sakuraba

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PostSubject: Ryoma Sakuraba (Done)   Thu Mar 04, 2010 4:58 pm

Character name: Ryoma Sakuraba
Code name/ Alias/ nickname: Ry, Saku
Weapon Name: Z Gloves

Ability name: Dragon Flame
Flame: Storm flame

Desired Rank: Storm Guardian
Desired Family: Vongola

Character Appearance: his hair color is gray and he has his hair in a pony-tail.(like in the picture below) He has a scar on his left side of his face on his cheek. his eye color is green but when he is pushed to the edge his eye color will change to red. He is 4"9" in height, and weighs 157Lbs. he wears a black vest and a red jacket on top of it.(like in my avatar)

Character Personality: Ryoma is very compassionate toward his Famiglia and friends. when then the family sends ryoma on mission he was always to known to come back with complete success. Though when ryoma is pushed hard enough his Personality changes, his eyes change to red and fights with anger and hate. In this state he seems to show no mercy toward his enemy, pulling out all the stops not even giving his enemy a chance to hit him back. the only person who was able to stop him was the boss of the family, as soon as ryoma calmed down his eyes went back to the way they were.

Character Background: It started 3 years ago when ryoma had finshed high school much earlier than any other student. he was at the top of his class, a very strong fighter with Exceptional skill, and he had a girlfrriend. he was born and raised by his mother ever since his dad died his mom was the one he turned to for help when he needed it. Every thing was going great for him, that was until that nightmare had begun. around the time he was coming home from school he saw his mother was killed, tears started to run down ryoma's face he then fell to his knee's. he crawled toward her to get a better look and saw his mother was stabed though the heart and just as he looked up he saw the man who killed his mother. The man then looked behind himself and saw ryoma right next to his mother crying for her to wake up. the man then said "oh, your kenji's son, well it is sad you had to see this, if you want you can fight me when you get power." The man then walks out of ryoma's home leaving him to suffer. This was around the time the current Vongola boss was looking for the one's Chosen to be his Guardian's he saw ryoma walk out of his house. ryoma then started to run toward sakura's house hoping that she was ok but just as he got there he was too late. she had just been stabed by the man who killed his mother, then droped her on the ground. ryoma was then completely broke down and felt nothing else but the pain of loss. the man then looked at ryoma and said "now you will suffer the pain your father had given me, now suffer." just as the man was walking away he said "my name is koyako denki, if you wish to kill me come and find me." ryoma then looked back toward sakura and said "i am sorry, i was not here soon enough to protect you." ryoma was full of regret of not being there sooner. with sakura's dying breath she told ryoma"I don't blame you for not being strong enough ryoma, i am just glad you you came, my love.........." after saying that she died and ryoma then vowed to kill koyako.

-6 months later-
ryoma was walking home from sakura's and his mother's grave's on his way home he saw the Vongola boss walking toward him. ryoma started to back away a little but just as he was doing so the man said "you are Ryoma Sakuraba, aren't you?" ryoma then stoped backing up he then looked towards the man and replied "how do you know my name?!" the man responeds "follow me and i will tell you." ryoma then followed the man to the Vongola base, then the walked in to his office. the man then says"take a seat, and i will tell you what happened to your father" the man then explained everthing he know about ryoma's dad to ryoma, and he answered all of ryoma's questions about what the man told him. then he explained to ryoma that he was the one to take his dad's place and that his dad left something for him, and had asked his boss to give it to his son. the man then says "will you join the Vongola and take your father's place." ryoma then look at the man and said "yes!" from that day on ryoma was known as the new Storm Guardian.

((Ryoma's mother's name is Suzume Sakuraba, his dad's name is kenji Sakuraba(former Storm Guardian), his girlfriends name is sakura Hayabusa. just so every one knows. more of ryoma's history will be revealed in the Rp))

Role play sample:
-ryoma was coming back from one of his mission's the head captain had sent him on, though it was night fall when he returned. on his way to 1st squad barracks, he felt spirit energy of an espada. which was strange since not once in history has a hollow ever come to the soul society alone, he expected more to come soon. considering this he quickly summoned his shadow and asked him to report this to the head captain immediately. ryoma then griped his zanpakuto and prepared to fight the enemy standing in front of him. he then asked the hollow in front of him-

who are and why are you here?
if you don't answer me, I'll cut you down where stand!

-ryoma continues to stand there waiting for the espada to respond to his questions. ryoma started to get impatient and slowly started pulling out his zanpakuto. as ryoma was drawing his zanpakuto the man standing in front of him started to speak-

are you the 9th squad captain known as, Ryoma Sakuraba?

i am, how do you know about me?

-the espada then rolls up his sleeve's and revealed he was the 5th espada. ryoma was a little shocked at first since it has been awhile since someone was after him for what ever reason. seconds after that ryoma had drawn his zanpakuto and pointed the blade towards the espada-

i hope you know who your fighting against espada!

don't waste our breath, your going to die today any way....

-right as ryoma had drawn his weapon the espada already had is in his hand. ryoma then started to wonder when did he draw his sword. not long after ryoma and the nameless espada were clashing swords with one another. due to the huge spirit energy fluctuations shinigami started to come out and watch the fight even the captain's were there. then the espada looked around to see who was watching then looked back toward ryoma while the were clashing swords-

i see that most of the shinigami have to witness your death!
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PostSubject: Re: Ryoma Sakuraba (Done)   Sat Mar 06, 2010 10:17 am


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Ryoma Sakuraba (Done)
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