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 Spencer Yashima

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Spencer Yashima

Spencer Yashima

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PostSubject: Spencer Yashima   Sun Mar 07, 2010 6:14 am

Character name: Spencer Yashima
Code name/Alias/Nickname: Spence
Weapon name: Fang

Ability name: Striking lightning
Flame: Lightning

Desired rank: Vongola lightning flame guardian
Desired family: Vongola
Age: 19

Character Appearance: Same as avatar

Character personality: He is kindhearted and is kind of anti-social. He always looks like he's in a bad mood. When ever a fight is about to happen, he would either stop it or join it. Sometime's, he would give people his money, showing his tratitude towards them.If he ever get's mad, he would not hesitate to show no mercy.This is apart of himself that he dosen't like.Which is why he want's to stop some fights, because he's afraid he might hurt someone.

Character Background: At a young age, his parent's told him he had a special power. He didn't undrstand what they mean't until during a thunder storm. Lightning was striking everywhere. Him and his family were finding shelter when a lightning bolt hit him. When he opened his eyes, he wasn't hurt. Then, he got an idea. He climbed a tree and held out his left hand. Another lightning bolt hit him, but this time, he absobed it and redirecred it towards the sky. Then, after the lightning went into the sky, the dark clouds disappeared. He then figured out what his parent's meant when they said he had a special power, to be able to control lightning. After the storm passed, he started training so he can control his powers. Several years later, after finishing his training , a man with a hat and black came from behind a tree and wanted to talked to him. He brought with him a bag filled with food and the two started eating together. While they were eating, the man in the suit told him about the mafia families. After hearing about the mafia families battles, and the Vongola protecting the Arcobaleno's, Spencer decided to join the Vongola and become their lightning vongola guardian. The man, who probably knew he was going to side with the Vongola, gave him a ring and a box, telling him that when the time is right, the young future mafia member will know what to do with them. The man then disappeared right in front of Spencer. But right before he did, he told Spencer to talk to the Vongola's leader before joining. After asking where the Vongola boss lived, he decided to get a job to get himself plane tickets. After getting the money he needed, the young future mafia member got on a plane that's going to Italy. While on the plane, Spencer started looking at his ring. Suddenly a green flame appeared on it. It was really shocking to him. Then, his box started shaking. He then learned that he is supposed to insert the flame into the box. He then inserted it and a flash of light appeared out of it. After opening his eyes, an animal was on his lap. He was glad that no one else was on his side of the plane. When he took a look at the animal, it was a white wolf with green flames on it's tail and paws. The wolf then started licking him, meaning it liked him. He then decided to name him Zeke. When the plane landed, the wolf went back into the box. He then got off the plane and got a taxi and went to the Vongola hq. There, he met the Vongola leader and hoped that he'll let him become the lightning guardian. In order to be the new guardian, he showed him his abilities, and his box weapon's attacks. Intregred, the leader said he proved himself and made him his lightning guardian.

Role play sample: As he was running, Spencer looked back to see if anyone was still following him. He also looked at the trail of blood that was from his wound. He had then came up with an idea. Out of nowhere, a man appeared and looked at the blood. He started following towards a tree. He then pulled out his kunai and threw right through the tree. When he ran to the tree and saw nothing in front of it. Then, Spencer jumped out of the ground and punched him. He then threw kunais at him and started spinning around him. The man couldn't move because wires were binding him. Spencer then took a piece of cloth out and used it to bandage his wound. After bandaging it, he started running again to get to his village. While walking to the hokage's house, a spear made of ice hit him in the shoulder. Then, his feet got frozen. Out of the shadow's was the man he tied up. Shocked, Spencer asked him, "How did you escape? Those wires were infused with chakra!" Not wanting to talk, he pulled out a block of wood with wires on it, meaning he did a substitution jutsu. Angered, Spencer created lightning in his hand and got the ice off his feet and removed the spear from his shoulder. The man then made a sword of ice at charged at him. Spencer, ready to finish their fight, created a sword of his own out of lightning and charged at the man.

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Scherzo Rosso
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PostSubject: Re: Spencer Yashima   Sun Mar 07, 2010 8:11 am

Just an extension on Personality and Background, please.

The character is approved. Speak to Hunter, the Vongola XV, about whether or not he accepts you as one of his guardians.
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PostSubject: Re: Spencer Yashima   Mon Mar 08, 2010 10:56 am

Your app isn't good enough.... You need more on your RP sample and background.. And a little tip, try not to overuse your char's name or the word He.... Try using like "The man" or "The young mafia" so it'd be best if you work on your app more.
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PostSubject: Re: Spencer Yashima   Wed Mar 10, 2010 2:55 pm

Still not good enough, more...
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PostSubject: Re: Spencer Yashima   Sat Mar 13, 2010 11:39 pm

Approved, but for future reference, try not to overuse the word He in the beginning of your sentences and your name.. Hence nickname and phrases like " The young man" and etc.
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PostSubject: Re: Spencer Yashima   

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Spencer Yashima
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