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 Spencer's box weapon

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Spencer Yashima

Spencer Yashima

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PostSubject: Spencer's box weapon   Mon Mar 08, 2010 12:16 am

Name of box: Lightning wolf
Type of flame: Lightning

Appearance of box weapon: A white wolf wih lightning flames on it's tail and paws.

Box weapon's ability: Can generate lightning flames.Is also able to breathe lightning flames.

List of box weapons attacks:

Name of attack: Lightning fang
Effect: The wolf engulfs it's body in lightning flames and charges at the opponent.

Name of attack: Roaring thunder
Effect: The wolf howls a high frequency strong enough to knock back the opponent.

Name of attack: Twin lightning fang
Effect: Spencer and the wolf are covered with lightning flames. The both of them then charge at the enemy.

Name of attack: Thunder breath
Effect: The lightning wolf creates lightning in it's lungs and breathe it like fire.

Requirements: Vongola lightning ring and vongola box

Box users: Spencer

Weakness of box: It can't attack in close spaces. It's weak against rain box weapons and flames.

Name of box: Dual Wolves
Type of flame: Lightning

Appearence of box weapon: Two katars that are covered in lightning flames.

Box weapon's ability: Able to create blast of lightning flames.

Name of attack: Lightning extender
Effects: Lightning covers the katars, making them longer.

Name of attack: Thunder pierecers
Effects: Spencer rapidly thrust both katars, creating blade like lightning flames going towards the enemy.

Name of attack: Thunder protector
Effects: The katars cover him in lightning flames. If he would be hit by a strong attack, he would take 50% of it due to the solidfication ability. It will last 50 min and takes 1 hour to recharge.

Requirments: lightning vongola ring and vongola box

Box users: Spencer

Weakness of box: None
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Spencer's box weapon
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