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 Spencer's weapon

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Spencer Yashima

Spencer Yashima

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PostSubject: Spencer's weapon   Mon Mar 08, 2010 2:59 am

Name of weapon: Fang

Appearence of weapon: A spear with the blade resembling a dragons head.
Type of weapon: Spear

Ability of weapon: Can create lightning and make a sphere of lightning to protect the owner.

Type of flame: Lightning

List of weapon's attacks:

Name of attack: Streaking Lightning
Effects: Lightning flames cover the spear and when Spencer thrust if forward, the flames leave it and go towards the enemy.

Name of attack: Thunder thrust
Effects: By covering the spear with lightning flames, Spencer then charges at the enemy to stab them.

Name of attack: Cage of thunder
Effects: By emitting his spear with lightning flames, Spencer stabs the blade into the ground. Then, the flames leave the lance and surround the oppenent. Then, the flames form a cage. After that, if the enemy tries to hit it, they'll feel pain because of the lightning flames solidfication.

Requirements: None

Owners: Spencer
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Spencer's weapon
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