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 Starrk -Varia Vice Leader-(Done)

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PostSubject: Starrk -Varia Vice Leader-(Done)   Mon Mar 08, 2010 8:59 am

Character name: Starrk
Code name/ Alias/ nickname: Varia's Black Fang
Weapon Name: Heaven's Arsenal

Ability name: Still thinking
Flame: Cloud Flame/ Storm Flame

Desired Rank: Varia Vice leader
Desired Family: Varia
Age: 19

Character Appearance:

Character Personality: Sarrk has another persona in his head that goes by the name Gonz

Starrk- The more dominent personality is a laid back young man who loves to take things lightly. Usaully seen doing nothing but joking around and lauphing about certain situations. He is quite confident in his abilities amd skills, and has been known to have quite the ego because of his talent. Despite his laid back attitude on things he is very perceptive and quick to analyze his surroundings and enemies. He is quite creative and loves to invent new things. Such as the rings and weapons he created himself for his box flame. He loves his cloud flame because, "Clouds seem to just lay in the sky and just do nothing but mean yet so much to the world." Starrk cares deeply for his allies and considers them friends. One of the things that could break Starrk's lazyness is his feelings for his friends. For if one to get seriously hurt that would awaken a more lethal and brutal side of Starrk that he does not like to show. Starrk also has his morals such as he will never fight in the presence of a child or young one.

Gonz- The distant and help from the background persona. This one actualy goes by another name, Gonz. Gonz helps Starrk deal with certain situations by talking to him in his mind. Gonz is the more intellectual of the two and also more serious. For example Starrk would rather risk the mission to save a child when Gonz puts the mission before anything and everything. Gonz knows and has more mastery of the Cloud Flame then Starrk since he is the original weilder of it. Gonz can become the dominent of the two but only for a short amount of time, plus the mental pain is taxing on both of them. But he actually prefers Starrk as the dominent since he wants to see how Starrk will grow.

Character Background:Starrk was an orphan living in a poor part of town. It was around when Starrk was about ten years old when his life would change. Starrk had a immense amount of flames that a certain underground mafia noticed. They wanted him to work for them even at such a young age. One day when Starrk was walking home by himself they took him and brought him to the leader. They took his childhood away, his friends and loved ones even the things he loved. He started training to use his flames and know how to fight and kill.

He still kept somewhat of his original personality though, infact it grew even more. Because of his talent he was being known and recognized by others. By the time he was thirteen he was already regarded as one of the strongest guardians of that mafia. Plus with his creativity and skills to invent and build things he started to create his own personal weapons and boxes. Since his ego was high along with his skill he had gotten quite lazy with this mafia, feeling like he was better then them already. So because of that he felt it was time to leave onto bigger and better things. he wanted to ally with the vongola or with the Vairia since they had such respected fighters and poweful flame weilders. His teacher Gonz was the only person Starrk actualy feared and respected at this current mafia. Gonz was feared and respected by all, no one challenged his abilities not even the leader. The family wanted to try an experiment on Gonz and Starrk together, they had no idea what was going on but the accepted.

The two were locked up in tubes next to each other, and the leader smiled at them. Letting off a horrible grin of betrayal. Green liquid started to pour down the tubes and a transfer was being done. Gonz'z mind and flames were being transfered into Starrks body. They wanted to create somekind of duel being with immense power, it was a failure. Gonz'z body was gone and his mind was in Starrk's head. He became furious, since he was older and more powerfil then Starrk he became the dominent persona. While Starrk was unconcious, Gonz slaughtered the entire mafia and anyone to do with this matter. He left no one allive, he gathered his belongings and left heading to the Varia as Starrk wanted. After a while Gonz'z head was ringing in pain, his head throbbing and Starrk finaly waking up they switched control.

Two years later they learned to deal with their new life for good. They joined the Varia and Starrk worked himself up to the top in no time at a real young age. He was being known for his talent and his lazyness. He took position as Varia Vice leader under Anima whom Starrk gets along with.

Role play sample:

Ace was in a estranged town, it was pretty creepy looking with wore down doors and broken glass windows on every house. Mu was on top of Ace’s shoulders chewing on one of Ace’s many bubble gum sticks. Ace was chewing on one himself. As he walked threw the empty streets alone he kept popping a bubble making a rather annoying sound. As they walked down deeper the town became even more scarier, it would have drove away the toughest of people. But Ace could careless, he needed a place to sleep and fast. Each house was more creepier then next, and the fact that it was the middle of the night didn’t make the look much better. The wind was kind of chilly blowing against Ace’s bare arms. He put his hands in his pockets in a attempt to warm himself.

He eventually reached the town inn, which had bedrooms for over the night rest. Just outside the inn was a small frail man in dirty clothing. You could tell he had no home to go to by his rancid smell. Mu backed away hiding his nose behind Ace’s back, his fur was standing up warning that this man could be hiding a weapon. Then man’s face was full of warts and pimples, his skin was dirty and wrinkled. The man came over to Ace. Ace backed up a little bit not wanting to smell him up close.

This guy stinks !, hope he doesn’t ask for money though. Not in a sharing mood right now. And Mu’s fur is standing up which isn’t good.

“Excuuuuse meeee, but you’re the man known as the Aaaaaace of Hearrrrrrts correct.” The old dirty man said with a shrill and raspy voice. His body was shivering from the cold breeze passing by. Ace looked pleased, him being well known only boosted his ego even more. “Yes, yes I am.” Ace said holding his chest up high. The frail man stood there for a second. “Goood then I have somethiiiiing toooo tell youuuuu.” The frail man gestured his hands to move closer. Ace moved his head in ignoring his stench. He liked hearing information about him. The frail man reached into his dirty arm sleeve and pulled out a heavy looking shot gun. “We finally got ya sucka!” The frail screamed out looking crazed and psychotic. He loaded the gun and shot once in front of him. Ace dodged at the nick of time avoiding all five bullets coming his way. “Woaaah watch it man, you could have messed up the face.” Ace reached into his belt pocket very quickly he pulled out one card and threw it towards the frail man with surprising speed. The card was charged and exploded when it came in contact with the shotgun. Ace took this chance to move closer punching the frail man in the face. The man landed on the floor with his nose broken and bloody. “Jones! over here quickly!” On top of a building next to the inn was a fat man who was pretty big. He had a black beard that reached to hid gut. An auto mail right arm with a powerful metal claw. “We gotcha Cards Smith. No where to run!” When jones said that five other men came from the hidden alley ways prepared to fight. Ace sighed “Come on fella’s lets not do this tonight. Lets just have some drinks at the inn, and talk about old times.” Ace said with a smirk, Mu jumped off Ace’s back and hid behind a box. Ace was getting his hand on a card from his back belt pocket.

Jones jumped down landing with a loud crash on the floor. You could tell he had auto mail legs as well. “Get em! You baboons!” Jones pointed his metal claw towards Ace and fired it, the claw was attached to a long chain that was aiming for Ace’s head. Ace swayed to the side while throwing a charged card at Jone’s arm. The card stuck to his arm and exploded in his face, destroying the arm in the process. One of the other man tried to punch Ace, he caught the fist and slammed him on the floor. Ace kicked the man coming behind him in the gut, while still holding on to the firsts arm. He kicked the man’s face knocking him out. “You sure you don’t want that drink now fellas.” Ace said smiling at the last three “My treat.” When he said that he threw three lightly charged cards at them, for a bright light blinding effect. They were dazed out and couldn’t see well. Ace placed his hands on the ground and the three men were being tied down by metal straps coming from the ground. Ace patted his hands “Well that was fun.” Ace then heard a gun click behind him. Jone’s was right behind him holding up a small pistol. “I caught
Mr. Uncatchable huh. Put your hands in the air.” Ace shrugged his shoulders and placed his hands in the air. “How long we gonna do this huh Jones. Its been this way for long time. Cant we just be friends.” Ace said smirking. “I’m sick of your sarcasm Ace. Just shut up…” Jones was hit in the head by a rock, he looked behind him and saw Mu holding a rock in his hand. Ace took this chance, he grabbed the gun and swept Jones on the floor. Ace placed his hand over Jones head “Good Night.” Ace charge Jones brain cells very lightly. Causing him to fall asleep. Ace clapped his hands over the gun and it was broken in half, using alchemy. Ace sighed and walk towards the inn, Mu came up on his shoulder. “ I don’t know about you Mu but I’m starving.” He walked into the inn still popping that same gum stick.
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Scherzo Rosso
Varia Leader

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PostSubject: Re: Starrk -Varia Vice Leader-(Done)   Thu Mar 11, 2010 8:17 am

Mew. I was hoping your RP sample would be a demonstration of how you used your own character. XD But, this is, all in all, pretty good.

Ya should have PMed me, though, in advance so as to confirm if I'm okay with you including me (albeit in less than a line) in your history, but ... I like your application, so it's all right.

History was actually a very interesting read, until I reached the end. I felt like there was more, but then again ... that's just my own opinion. Not a lot of errors, and unique, to be honest. It's also reasonably legitimate, I don't see why the combining of two consciousness wouldn't work especially with that forbidden 'Possession' bullet used by Mukuro and whatever family he came from and whatnot due to the fantasy element of the series.

You, sir, are APPROVED. Which of the 7 Deadly Sins would you like your character to have(if you don't want one, please state so ... and Greed is already taken by me, sorry)?
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PostSubject: Re: Starrk -Varia Vice Leader-(Done)   Thu Mar 11, 2010 8:47 am

Thanks alot for approving me, yea towards the end of the history i got very lazy. There is alot more I can put for his background.

For the 7 deadly sins I was thinking either sloth or pride for Starrk. Because he shows both of them equally i dont know which one to choose from those two. What do you think best suits him? Im sorta slipping towards the sloth so if anything it'll most likely be that one.
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PostSubject: Re: Starrk -Varia Vice Leader-(Done)   

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Starrk -Varia Vice Leader-(Done)
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