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 Beauties Reflectin {W.I.P}

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Estelle Chalfon

Estelle Chalfon

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PostSubject: Beauties Reflectin {W.I.P}   Wed Mar 10, 2010 11:37 am

Character name:
Estelle Chalfon

Code name/ Alias/ nickname:
Beauties Reflection.

Weapon Name:

Ability name:


Desired Rank:
Mist Guardian

Desired Family:
Giglio Nero



Character Appearance
From city to city, Estelle appears to be different every time. This woman tends to try and keep her identity a secret. From clothes to face, she tends to work around her surroundings and appear to belong and fit in. Her eyes, always a vibrant jade green, glossing with a ivory tint. Her real hair, covered by a variety of wigs and coloured strands, is a dark shade of midnight black, reflecting a very pale complexion. Her height, changing with unique tricks, will always average between 5'7" to 5'10". Estelle tends to change her clothing style, depending on the role she has to play. From dresses, to gowns, to jeans, to street wear, to less then nothing, to almost nothing, she never ceases to change how she looks. She is never afraid to alter her appearance to appease her surroundings. Can you spot her n a normal crowd?

Character Personality:

Estelle seems to think she is the Queen bee in the battle. She believes that flaunting your self esteem seems to bring the enemy to their weak knees and begin to beg for mercy. Though, her cocky attitude seems to dwell on more than just confidence. She insists that her beauty is always outer and inner perfection. The world seems to 'apparently' revolve around her.

With over baring confidence comes an attitude issue. With not denial in how she speaks, Estelle intends to treat most others like worthless trash. In her eyes, she See's weakness and she isn't afraid to be blunt or painful true about the issue at hand. Why beat around the bush when the answer can be said in the more insulting tone and straight to their face? After all, it's not harming her. Fear her, for this cobra tends to sting.

This goes without no say, Estelle is just drop dead gorgeous. This seems to be her main defense. Looks are everything to this woman, and if you aint packing a good smile, then prepare for an insult. This crud lady is out to get those who are low on self esteem. Her styles seem to swagger herself towards a certain way to act, the more hair, the more her ego inflates.

With Estelle's choice of lifestyle, she has to always lie to another person. She constantly has to lie about her appearance, about her ways of acting, everything. From one lie to the next she tend to wrap herself up in a cocoon of lies, avoiding the truth of the situation. Estelle has to act in several ways, nice, sad, depressed, mad and so forth. This is all apart of her pitiful little game.

Character Background: [/u][ Write up the history of your character, don't make it incredibly vague, the higher the rank, the more words on the history. ]

Role play sample: For a high ranking position like family leader we expect around 1k words or so.
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Beauties Reflectin {W.I.P}
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