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 {Forgotten, not Forgiven.} Ayaka Seiryoku--Vongola Family.

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PostSubject: {Forgotten, not Forgiven.} Ayaka Seiryoku--Vongola Family.   Thu Mar 11, 2010 3:32 am

Character name: Ayaka Seiryoku.
Code name/ Alias/ nickname: “Scarlet Mist”
Weapon Name: Tamashii no Nusubito (Referred to as “Tamashii” for short.)

Ability name: Engetsuzan.
Flame: Mist Flame.

Desired Rank: Mist Guardian
Desired Family: Vongola.
Age: Seventeen.

Character Appearance:

Ayaka is a fairly small petite girl and has a typical schoolgirl outfit, with a trench-coat, a white blouse with a yellow sweater vest, and a plaid skirt. Her hair is blond and almost always in pigtails, although there are certain times where she will wear it down, and she has large green eyes.

Character Personality:


Ayaka has a certain trait that makes it so that she is incapable of lying, even if she is trying to spare someone’s feelings. She gets extremely annoyed at it on a regular basis. (She can try lying, but always ends up biting her tongue. So she prefers not to try.)


Ayaka seems like a shy, sweet hearted girl when first met, but is soon realized to be quite malicious in nature. And though she is not overly cruel, she displays violent intent. She truly cares for her friend, but the rest of the world can kiss her ass in her opinion.

Arrogance? Pfft! Right, get over yourself.

Ayaka can be quite blunt, a side effect from her being unable to lie, but considers it kinder to tell someone how she feels about them then to make them think otherwise. She has a very straight forward way of thinking, and if she doesn’t like you, the way you’re thinking, or how you’re doing something, she’ll be the first to tell you that you’re pissing her off. It usually ends with her threatening you with death and telling you that you’re an idiotic twit.


Despite her tough girl demeanor and willingness to kick your ass if you even dare look a ther the wrong way, Ayaka is rather shy and easily flustered. If she becomes embarrassed she’ll end up breaking something in most cases. (Most likely your face.)

Animal Lover

Ayaka absolutely loves animals, and especially admires wolves. She has the habit of taking in stray cats, nursing them to health, then selling then to a nice home.

Idiotically Heroic

Ayaka seems to lack the fear gene, and she is brave to the point of stupidity. Being mostly known for her courage, and she is willing to throw herself at any enemy, no matter how strong they are. And though she has a strong sense of reason, she usually abandons common sense if someone she cares for’s life is in danger.


Ayaka is plagued by reoccurring nightmares of unexplainable origins. And though they have been occurring less so over the years, she will wake up screaming if it happens.

Character Background:

Born on a cold winter night, Ayaka Seiryoku became the newest child in the Seiryoku manor. Her brother Mitzuma, five at the time, adored her from her birth. He stayed with her during the day and snuck into her room at night to sleep beside her crib. Soon enough her father, after finding Mitzuma next to her crib for the fifth time in the same night, banned the boy from seeing or speaking to her.

And so Ayaka grew up alone with barely any company besides her mother and the several servants of her household. Her father placed her into Violin, Kendo, and Martial Arts lessons as soon as she could stand and hold things by herself. Though she rarely saw her father, she felt the intense urge to make him proud of her.

So she worked hard on her studies, may it have been ediquette or her ballet lessons. And yet Ayaka struggled, she was clumsy, always falling over things..or her own feet. And though she was intelligent, she learned slowly.

She was horrid at Mathematics, receiving bad grades on most of her tests.

And still her father paid her no heed. Ignoring her when she spoke to him, and simply walking away without so much of a nod. Yet still Ayaka tried her best. She worked hard...but never truly achieved the best potential.


Ayaka grew up lonely, her father never touched her, never talked to her, never even thought of her. But Ayaka's mother encouraged her everyday to be the best she could be. One day, when Ayaka was seven, while she was practicing the piano, a commotion occurred outside in the grande hall.

Curious, she left the bench to check it out. As she opened the door a small boy rushed inside, forcing the door closed. Ayaka stood back in shock as the boy sat on the floor, panting. He was dressed in a simple t-shirt and shorts, his dark hair plastered to his forehead by sweat. He looked up at her after a moment and grinned, "Hello Cousin!"

Ayaka frowned, "Cou-sin?" she asked quietly.

The boy stood up, hugging her suddenly, "You must have been lonely Ayaka-tan...I'm...I'm sorry."

Just then, the door of the piano room burst open, Ayaka's father burst into the room and tore the boy away from Ayaka, "Daisuke!!"

Ayaka stepped away from them in shock, "Father!"

The boy grinned sheepishly, "Hello Uncle Koutaro."

Ayaka's father snarled under his breath, and picked Daisuke up by the front of his shirt and pinned him to the wall behind him, "Why the hell did you sneak into my manor Daisuke-san?!" He yelled angrily.

Daisuke squirmed as Ayaka looked on in horror, "Uncle Disarro mentioned my lovely cousin here, why is no one else truely aware of her existence Uncle?" He said quietly, his eyes on Ayaka's fathers face.

Ayaka unfroze, leaping forward. Her small hand clasped onto her father's pant leg, "Father! Let him go! He-!"

A sharp pain shot though Ayaka as her father's hand crashed into her cheek, making her fly backwards. He dropped Daisuke from the wall, dragging him from the shocked Ayaka who lay on the floor, one small hand againest her reddening cheek.

Daisuke looked at her, apologizing with his eyes as he called back to her, "Ayaka-tan! I'll come see you again! I promise!" Just as he was about to be forced thoguh the door a grin split his face, "I love you cousin!"


Eight years later, Ayaka attended a dinner party put on by the Seiryoku family, the affair was strictly a black tie event, Hotaru herself was dressed in a fancy dress, though that wasn't very unusual for her. Her mother met her in the front hall, hugging her tightly, ¡®️'You grew up so fast darling. Your beautiful." She whispered to Ayaka, smiling proudly.

Indeed, Ayaka had grown quite a bit. Her bust was larger that some of the younger female servants, and her body was one of a woman, Ayaka merely smild, nodding her head.

Her mother guided her and her little sister Miisa, born five years perviously, into the party. "Oh! Miizu!" Ayaka's mother called into the crowd, Miisa quickly disappeared, probably in search of candy.

A tall woman looked over, and to Ayaka, she looked familiar. The woman walked over and kissed Ayaka's mother o nthe cheek, "Hello Mother." The woman said softly.

Mother? Ayaka thought, tilting her head to the woman in confusion.

Ayaka's mother smialed, placing a hand on Ayaka's shoulder, "Miizu, I believe you have never properly met your little sister here. Her name is Ayaka."

Miizu looked down at Ayaka coldly, "Not very bright is she? Look at her face. Is she retarded?" she asked her mother.

"I am not retarded!" Ayaka snapped, shocked at the womans rudeness. Though the woman ignored her, turning her head as she noticed someone.

"Ah. Father." Miizu smiled.

Ayaka froze, Father?

"Good to see you Miizu." Her father said. He smiled as he appeared, Miisa in his arms. He leaned over and hugged his eldest daughter tightly right in front of Ayaka.

He looked down at Ayaka momentarily, then looked at Miayko's mother angerly, "What did I tell you about bringing her here Fuu?!" He growled quietly.

Ayaka's mother glared at him, "She's your daughter Koutaro!" she said, sounding ahgast.

"I do not want her here." Her father said coldly.

It was all too much for Ayaka, tears dripped down her face as she lowered her face, she clentched a fist over her heart as it shattered in her chest, the pain ripping though her. She lifted her head and starded at her father as he and her mother continued to argue. Her mouth opened as the last fifteen years of her life flashed though her mind. All the pain, all centered around her father pierced her heart again and again.

She watched as he started to turn away and finally her silence broke.

"NOTICE ME!" She screamed at him. He turned slightly as the party guests quieted. "Why?! Why won't you notice me, why won't you LOVE me?! I'm right here father, right in front of you! So why don't you fucking notice me?!?!" she continued to yell, her hands in fists at her sides, staring him in the eye for the first time in her life with tears dripping down her face.

Ayaka's mother touched her shoulder, "Shhh Ayaka...that's...that's enough."

Ayaka's lips trembled but she shook her head, "No mother. I want an answer!"

The silence was long and then finally her father opened his mouth, "Because you are unworthy." He spoke coldly, staring her in the eye before turning away and walking into the crowd.

Ayaka stopped breathing, the world around her shattering to the floor as her knee's buckled from beneath her. She collapsed on her knees on the soft carpet as her father disappeared from view . Her hands went to her face, her eyes wide and broken as tears poured from them, the horror of what he had said, and the years she had wasted trying to get him to notice her sunk in, cutting her and freezing her body.

Her fists clenched and then slammed into the floor, "I-I tried s-so hard....s-so why?" Tears continued to drip from her face, soaking into the carpet beneath her. She sat up, realizing something, a shaky smile slipping onto her lips with it.

She started laughing, one hand going over her eyes as the laughter grew into madness. Finally she was free...and so her innocence died.


A month later she stood in front of her father, defiantly glaring at him from where he sat behind his wide dark oak desk, studying her. His hands were laced together in front of him, on the cool surface of the stained wood.

“Tomorrow..” he spoke suddenly, his voice so cold that it caused Ayaka to flinch. “Tomorrow you will be taking the family jet to Italy.”

She blinked, “B-but-!”

He glared, shocking her into silence , and she heard him sigh. She watched as he reache and pulled open a drawer, pulling out a thick sealed document. He straightened and slid it across the desk towards her. “This is for you. Your mother insisted that I in the very least provide you with life-long funding and a home. Also this is for you.” He produced a gold credit card and slid it towards her.

She picked it up and looked at him questioningly.

“It has no limit,” he explained, “Inside that document is all of our family contacts that master in….specific trades. You are to contact them if you need anything.”

She looked at the sealed document then looked at him, “Why are you doing this?”

“You are now of the Vongola family, a mafia family of which has been a long time ally of our own. The changes have already been made. You leave tonight.”

She nodded and sighed, knowing that she would never get a straight answer from him. She studied the document then looked up suddenly. “May I have one last favor Father?” she asked quietly.

“And what would that be?” He asked.

“Please, allow me to see mother one last time!” She begged, feeling the tears welling behind her eyes.

“No.” He said without hesitation, motioning his hand towards the door behind Ayaka.

She turned as five burly men came and surrounded her, all saluting to her Father.
Her father simply spun his chair away to face the window, “Take her to her room and lock her in. No one enters and she does not leave.”

“Understood.” the guards said in unison and then two grasped her upper arm, practically carrying her.

She said nothing, only allowing herself to be carried off. She knew her place. The guards quickly made it to her room and gently placed her inside before filing out and closing the door behind them. The click of the lock echoed in her ears and Ayaka bowed her head. Then, only when she was safely in the privacy of her quarters did she allow the tears to fall.


She awoke on the plane, obviously having been carried on board. She rubbed her swollen eyes and looked out the window to see the vast ocean, the hints of land appearing over the horizon. She turned as the pilot flicked on the seatbelts sign. Her guards suddenly appeared. One reaching down and clicked her belt into place.

“Thank you.” she murmured and the man nodded.

She watched out the window as they began their descent, and after a few minutes she felt the bmp of the jet touching down.

“Welcome to Italy…” she murmured to herself before studying the guards seated around her. “Are you to stay?” she asked the nearest one.

He looked at her from behind dark glasses and nodded. “We are Ma’am. We are being paid to protect you, not that the money is needed ma’am.”

She smiled, “Let me guess…my mother?”

The guard said nothing, but she saw the beginning of a smile on his lips. She grinned.

“I’ll take that as a yes then.” She smiled as the plane finally came to a stand still.


Months later, she sighed as she entered the Vongola base once again. The days were boring, yet she enjoyed sparing. She carried her scythe, Tamashii no Nusubito with her wherever she went, much to her guards concerns.

As she suddenly turned, causing all of her guards behind her to duck she blinked then burst out laughing.

She was starting to like Italy.

RP sample:

Ayaka laughed as she swung Tamashii no Nusubito, her scythe rippling though the air as if it was weightless. She grinned as her guards backed up out of it’s way. They gave her a wary look so she dropped into a defensive pose.

”C’mon you cowards! We’re supposed to be sparing not scurrying like rats!” She growled angrily.

The guards sighed then rushed her, each carrying their weapon of chose.

Too easy.

She jumped into the air, planting her foot on one guards shoulder she leapt towards the one behind him, her scythe already moving in a blur. The blunt end slammed into the side of his head, and he dropped like a stone. She whirled as one ran at her from behind, his gun pointed at her. She moved to the side and dropped to one knee as he neared, her hand whipping up to clench the gun, thrusting it upwards and then to the side, the guard dropped it immediately, otherwise her force would have broken his wrist. Her momentum brought her lower body up and her foot slammed into his jaw, knocking his backwards.

She growled again, one guard trying to grab her from behind, and she merely let go of Tamashii and flipping backwards, her hand on the guards shoulders. Her weight carried her up and over as she dropped behind him, catching Tamashii no Nusubito effortlessly as she grinned. The guard whirled just as she high kicked, her foot connecting violently with the underside of his jaw. She felt a crack and swore, she hadn’t meant to hit that hard.

The man dropped, groaning in pain even as he was unconscious. She sighed, giving a silent apology before she felt strong arms wrap around her torso, and bring her into the arm. She smiled, forcibly bringing her legs up and pushing hard into the wall the guard was trying to pin her too, the man stumbled, off balance as Ayaka’s added weight caused him to trip, throwing them both backwards. Ayaka went with the momentum, and as he hit the ground beneath her she continued, rolling over him, then as her feet touched ground she leapt up, a bright smile on her face as the guard laid there for a minute, stunned.

She leaned over him, ”You okay?”

He groaned and sat up, ”Yes Ma’am.”

Ayaka grinned warmly, ”I’m glad. Now, don’t come at me with obvious movements this time! Try something unexpected!!”

The man stood up, ”Acknowledged.”

Just as he took a step forwards an alarm went off, singling the end of her training period. Ayaka snarled, muttering swears under her breath as she straightened, walking towards the sliding metal doors, which opened as she stepped in range of the sensor.

”Well today was a bust…I’m barely winded! She muttered as she stalked down the winding hallways of the Vongola branch. She needed stronger guards. She dimly wondered if any of the other Ring Bearer’s would fight her. She seriously doubted it, they were all busy. She sighed exasperatedly as she neared her room. The thumb scanner read her print as she pressed her finger into its screen, the doors swinging open almost immediately. She leaned against the door, hugging Tamashii to her chest.

What a boring day.

She leaned Tamashii gently against the wall and walked over to her bed, shrouded in black veils hanging from the roof. She grabbed a book and jumped onto the soft bedding, peering at the pages. This was one of hers, it was still not published, as she saw no reason to do so. She didn’t need the recognition or the money. She wrote for the sake of writing, fame never appealed her her. She quickly read through the familiar words, already burned into her memory.

A man stood with his back to her, a sword in his hand. The swords blade was dripping blood. And around the man...was the corpses of her family...Kaede gasped, stumbling backwards as her fathers disembodied head looked into her eyes with lifeless horror. Tears leaked from her eyes as she saw her brothers small frame laying on the cold floor with a puddle of blood around it. The man slowly turned towards her, a sick grin on his face. 'Welcome to hell Milady...want something to drink?' He lifted his hand, and clenched in his fist was a clump of blonde hair...her brothers head hung from his bloodied hand, blood dripping from the bottom, where the mans blade had cut it clean off.

She stared in horror into her brothers lifeless eyes, a scream caught in her throat as she scrambled away from the man. He smirked, throwing her brothers head head to the side with a spray of blood, then started to approach her. Her mouth opened, 'S-stay away!' she screamed at him, tucking her head under her arms and cringing away from him. He reached out anyway, grasping the top of her arm and jerking her roughly to her feet. Kaede stumbled as she sought to find her footing, bumping into the man. He growled and pushed her forwards, only then did Kaede realise her home was a flame.

The fire was eating though the walls and ceiling, sending ashes into the dark sky above. She stopped at the door as the man continued to push her forwards. Her hands slapped onto the walls, her fingers digging into the walls crumbling material, stopping herself. The mans hand smacked the side of her head sharply, the glove on his hand cutting her. She stood there for a moment, blood dripping from the side of her head.

The man kicked her hard in the spine and Kaede gasped, falling as the pain made her lose her grip on the frame. He stood over her, then kicked her sharply in the stomach. Her breath rushed from her lungs and she gasped for breath, curling her body defensively. 'B-bastard!' she spat on his boot. His foot winded back and rushed towards her face and Kaede reached out, catching the steel toed boot and sharply twisting i-

A knock on the door interrupted her mid word and Ayaka growled. ”Who is it?”

”It is me Ma’am.”

Her guard.

Ayaka sighed and got up from the bed, her guards were starting to get on her nerves.

But then again, this was better then the life she had left.

((It might not look it, but it's 1062 Words XD))
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PostSubject: Re: {Forgotten, not Forgiven.} Ayaka Seiryoku--Vongola Family.   Thu Mar 11, 2010 11:46 am

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PostSubject: Re: {Forgotten, not Forgiven.} Ayaka Seiryoku--Vongola Family.   Thu Mar 11, 2010 10:32 pm

Thank you.
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PostSubject: Re: {Forgotten, not Forgiven.} Ayaka Seiryoku--Vongola Family.   

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{Forgotten, not Forgiven.} Ayaka Seiryoku--Vongola Family.
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