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 Nemuri no Mori

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PostSubject: Nemuri no Mori   Nemuri no Mori Icon_minitimeThu Mar 11, 2010 11:50 pm

Nemuri no Mori Add

Tamaki Suoh thought up the Host Club while in ninth grade and started it upon entering the Ouran High School. The members of the Host Club are highest ranking students at the school.

At Ouran High School, class is determined by lineage and intelligence ("A" is the highest class and "D" the lowest usually consisting of the kids of Yakuza leaders). All the members are in class A and tend to be number one or two in their class coming from the wealthiest families in Japan.

Customers have the freedom to choose which host will entertain them, playing to their specific needs and interests. Each member of the host club is a specific shōjo "type" designed to suit the varying tastes of female clients (Stoic, Silent, Devil, Loli Shōta, Prince). The Third Music Room has been outfitted by the Club to accommodate their business and, at times, is elaborately decorated according to a specific theme, ranging from a tropical paradise to a traditional picnic, to heighten the customers' pleasure and keep things interesting.

Join in the fun and find a place for yourself at OURAN ACADEMY!!

[Canons STILL Avalible! First come, first serve!]

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Nemuri no Mori
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