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 Hiruma 'Agony' Youichi

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Millefiore XV/The Sky Funeral Wreath

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PostSubject: Hiruma 'Agony' Youichi   Wed Feb 17, 2010 4:02 pm

Character name: Hiruma Youichi
Code name/ Alias/ nickname:
Weapon Name: If none then leave it blank.

Ability name:
Flame: Flame of Wrath

Desired Rank:Millefiore Decimoquinto [Millefiore XV]
Desired Family: Millefiore

Character Appearance:

Character Personality: Being an outcast he was treated crapily. So he suffered from severe depression that turned out into a Bipolar Disorder. So he has moodswings often. He could be cuddly one second and the next moment he could behead you. He is a fearsome opponent. He concentrates on the fight. But he has his rule. Fights must always be 1on1 so it wouldn\'t be unfair. Also if he snaps during a fight he turns into a unstoppable killing machine. Hiruma fancies women, and by fancy I mean he loves them. Hiruma could be labeled as a pervert. He likes harassing them on his free time. Hiruma also can be calm at times. He has seen to be able to surpress his Bipolarity Disorder. That\'s what makes him a respectful leader. Hiruma can make decisions cold blooded. He will give divine punishment for those that don/'t follow the rules. He utterly hates Vongola. He will go into his bloody rage when he faces a Vongola. Hiruma doesn\'t have anything against the other races though. Hiruma often manages smooth talk with the ladies. So his quite popular. Hiruma is an Alpha-male so he must have the power. He often has conflicts with other males. He has a big mouth, meaning he will shout all kinds of nonsense. Hiruma has a wide vocabulary on curses, which he is very proud of. Now, more of his fighting style. His fighting ettiquette consist 1 on 1 battles. If his opponent is unarmed, he won't use weapons. He wants to fight in equal conditions. He won't accept a victory or a loss unless it has been fair. Now that the fighting style has been taken care of I willt ell you about his moodswings. When his bipolarity hasn't kicked in, he can be a quite lovable fellow. He is calm and collecter. He is easy to talk to aswell. He seems like a normal person then. A kind person. But once his bipolarity does it's stuff, he will turn into a complete opposite. He will get mad because of puny things. He will start throwing fits. He will attack everything on sight. Except for his comrades. He will only threaten his comrades, although he won't attack them. He regains that much of his common sense.

Character Background:

This confidential information that noone in the world knows.

Role play sample:

Hiruma, one of the leaders of the Arrancar took a seat in the throne that was free. It was quite comfortable. He frowned at the manner Sangre spat at him. My, my You are the one without manners, Sangre-kun. I belive I never did anything to provoke you. And if you were to speak to me in that manner again you would be in what I call a 'sticky' situation. I think Ajaket-kun agrees with me. Now let's move further. The raven haired Espada listened to Sangre at first, with mild interest. He couldn't rbing himself to concentrate on the man's words as he didn't like him. Hiruma agreed on what Sangre said, but he had to give his own opinion later on. Once Sangre stopped his 'meaningless' blabber, he turned his lazy gaze towards Ajaket. Allowing him to express his own thoughts first. Hiruma wasn't the planning type. Once Ajaket opened his mouth to speak, he got Hiruma's attention completely. He shut everything out besides the speech of Ajaket Diashi. His favourite among all the Arrancar. He and Ajaket had gotten along pretty well. He growled slightly as Ajaket mentioned their ancestor, Sousuke Aizen. He nodded when Ajaket finally lacked talking. It was his turn now.

I have a few things to say. First, I believe that we shouldn't kill off the other races as we could make them useful. I personally have the interest in the Vaizard and Bountou. And why 'kill' the Shinigami we come upon. We could use out terrific powers to make use of them. Yes, my friends. I am talking about hollowfication. It's a great thing really. We could make our enemy our ally. Meaning if we hollowficate the shinigami or any other race, we could create ourselves a massive army of loyal Arrancar warriors. Ajaket, I agree with you totally. I believe we should use the 'wild' hollows out there aswell. Considering there might be some Adjuchas and Vasto Lorde-class hollows lurking around. I have ideas how we should use these ideas. Sangre, you and the Tercera should take care of the hollows. Me and Ajaket will go and convince the other races to join. Well... if they don't then we will just have to force them. That is all.

Taken from Arrancar Dynasty
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PostSubject: Re: Hiruma 'Agony' Youichi   Wed Feb 17, 2010 4:04 pm

Lol, you scary bastard. XD

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Hiruma 'Agony' Youichi
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