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 Beyond the Little Door.

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Beyond the Little Door. Empty
PostSubject: Beyond the Little Door.   Beyond the Little Door. Icon_minitimeFri Mar 12, 2010 12:38 pm

Beyond the Little Door. Afff-1
A war on the rise. A battle for pure power has began to ruin a world of Fantasies and Dreams. Four Kingdoms and only one true crown. Who will win?

The life in Wonderland is currently in jeopardy. The civilians are being forced to take part in this massacre. Life in Wonderland is not the same. Alice Liddle first travelled down the Rabbit hole whilst she was a small, curious child, only to discover a greater leap in life. Wonderland. The young girl traveled miles upon miles, seeking a way out of the trouble she had gotten into. Meeting few and far along the way, she crossed the path of one of the nastiest villains alive. The Queen of Hearts. With great displease, the Queen was angered at the child and ordered for her to become decapitated, in which; the child ran away. Thus finding a way home. The queen was infuriated by the lack of work her royal guards did and sent out a party to find this girl so she would be executed with precision. Several years wen by as the search came to fail, finding to child. No lead were stated to show that the girl fled Wonderland. With the Queen of hearts dying of age a new successor had to come and rule the throne, leaving it open to the four royal families: The Kingdom of Hearts, The Manor of Spades, The Fortress of Diamonds, and The Citadel of Clubs. The rival between the royal blood lines have been happening from decades, tracing back to their main family tie. Their ancestors. With the throne open 2 years after word got out of the Queens illness, a feud arises and caused a war, a fight and struggle to win a seat of power. Only to drag the civilians of Wonderland with them. Force to pick and choose, some found it easier to rebel,and became banished to the out lands, to suffer and wallow with the gruesome jabberwocky. Life was not long after you were banished. With the war, many people began to change. The Hatter more mad, the Rabbit more devious, the Caterpillar for coy and so on and so forth. Alice Liddle decided to make a return to the world, only assuming it was just a dream. She was more grown up then the last time she was around. But it's not only Alice that had found her way into this world, no, other began to find ways in as well. Men and woman from around the globe dropped in daily to this world, creating a new life.

With Wonderland changing, and other arriving, the war became more reluctant to cease. The royal family would stop t nothing, which began to increase a murder rate in their society. Everyone as going mad...

With a key in your hand, do you wish to enter further? Do you wish to open the door and enter a new world of horror and terror? So you wish to see you sweetest dreams become your worst fear?
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Beyond the Little Door.
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