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 Millefiore Rain Funeral Wreath: Giotto[WIP]

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PostSubject: Millefiore Rain Funeral Wreath: Giotto[WIP]   Sun Mar 14, 2010 8:26 pm

Character name: Giotto
Code name/ Alias/ nickname
Weapon Name: Spada Della Pioggia Battente[Meaning Sword of The Pouring Rain]/Rivoltella Della Tempesta Infuria[Meaning Revolver of The Raging Storm]

Ability name: Doppia Fiamma[Meaning Dual Flame]
Main: Rain Flame[Use any level of Rain Ring]{Tranquility}
Sub: Storm Flame[Can only use up to level six of the Storm rings]{Degeneration}

Desired Rank: Millefiore Rain Funeral Wreath
Desired Family: Millefiore
Age: 26

Character Appearance:

Giotto has snow white hair that is kept in a spiky short fashion along with his purely toned skin made him look like a model straight out of a show or something. He has a perfect freatured face along with his amazing colored eyes usually get the women to do whatever he wants. Giotto's eyes are an amazing Deep Pink color that goes with his rather normal skin tone, which isn't really tan but isn't really white either. Giotto's teeth are a very pretty white color as well. All theses things make his life to go with.
::Upper Body::
::Lower Body::

Character Personality:

Character Background:

Role play sample:
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Millefiore Rain Funeral Wreath: Giotto[WIP]
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