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 Valentia's ability

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Valentia Cartamuanda

Valentia Cartamuanda

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PostSubject: Valentia's ability   Sun Mar 14, 2010 9:19 pm

Name of ability: Quattro Pistola Scambio

Ability:[u]Valen carries around four guns each of them embued with the cloud flame. He has the ability to use each gun almost simultaneously by basically juggling the weapon in the air, When one of the rounds land on the target, a portion of their flame will be absorbed into the round, and will be discarded.

[u]List of Attacks:

Name: Four rounds of cloud
Effects: Besides him being able to use each gun to an amazing degree, he can manipulate his will into ammo form, and have his gun fire off 16 rounds a piece 4 round bursts.

Name:1 round result
Effects: by taking the other three guns out of the equation, Valentia can manipulate one enhanced cloud round to be fired out of his primary pistol, an M1911 .45 this round is much larger, and longer than the others, it also has the ability to take a significant amount of the targets will with it.

Weakness: It takes a moment to reload the weapon, and they can also dodge the round.

Type of Flame:Cloud.

Requirements: he must have constant control of the ammount of will that flows into his weapon at all times, or the weapon might jam, or in worst case scenarios explode. he can use his other three piistos, but none of them are as powerful as the first.

Weakness: If it jams, he just has to take apart the guna nd clean it, in worst casescenarios, he has to get a new gun to be able to fire his will rounds.
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PostSubject: Re: Valentia's ability   Tue Mar 16, 2010 3:14 pm

Your ability basically just takes a flame from your enemy right? Not actually kill them, and even getting hit by it is a long shot, so I think this will be a good weapon, but as long as you understand the consequences of having this kind of weapon instead of having a weapon that injures rather than one to absorb flames. So, I think this is approved.
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Valentia's ability
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