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 Don Niko Freud

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PostSubject: Don Niko Freud   Sat Mar 20, 2010 2:18 am

Character name: Nikolaus Freud.
Code name/ Alias/ nickname: The German/The One Eyed Kraut/Skipper/Eagle eye/The Don.
Weapon Name: Kraft.

Ability name: Sturm.
Flame: Mist.

Desired Rank: Bovino Leader.
Desired Family: Bovino.
Age: Unknown.

Character Appearance: His appearance befits that of a Captain or a Skipper. He takes the appearance of a Captain of some sort of a ship. In fact, he wears a German U-Boat Captain's had, along with the insignia and everything. He even wears a uniform akin to World War II, indicating military service. He has the look of a seasoned veteran, followed by a 5 o' clock shadow and a few wrinkles. But those are more aesthetics as his age remains unknown. He very well appears to be a man in his mid to late-30's or so it seems. A man of experience as one would say. A man of tactics. His hair color is mostly chestnut brown, and his eyes are green but can influx into a red glowing one. He has an eye patch indicating something to be wrong with his eye. It's been said he either got it from a hit and run on him early in his career. Though he stands 6' 4'' feet and weighs 241 ilbs. Given modern day standards, he wears now a patterned brown shirt, suspenders with black pants, and jackboots.

Character Personality: Gruff, tactical but quite the inspirational speaker with a touch of philosophy. Nikolaus is often described as charismatic leader sort of person. Rational and quite tactical in thinking as it was a habit of military. His very personality is a shifting cascade of a few, thus, making him quite characteristic to do what he does. Namely, he is cruel, and inhumane when doing things and sometimes a merciful but yet uncharacteristic of his persona. According to his philosophies, he is pretty much a Social Darwinist when conducting things through and through. Years of experience has given him quite an edge on things, especially in warfare, naval his forté, able to deduce things and find out clues but in interesting ways.

Character Background: Initially, just about every of his past is shrouded in complete and utter mystery. His role as a Bovino mob boss was quite well known on the contrary to his rather unknown past that surrounds him. It all started under joining the Bovino family as an associate, due to his non-Italian heritage, working as an advisor of sorts and a man of the area around in Northern Italy bordering in Switzerland. Because he spoke German, he was useful in the German side of Switzerland as an arms dealer of sorts for the weak Bovino family. It was his strength that trumped down their weakness that later tempted uses for him in the form of violent ending of lives as a gun-for-hire.

He was to be promoted under special conditions to be an advisor but with heavy duress for the Bovino family. In a classical turn of events, given the weak Bovino family and their recently cut ties with the Vangola family, Niko took it to himself to shoot the 23rd Bovino boss and all his men, taking over the Bovino but not after a civil war where all opposition was crushed, and he became the 24th head of the Bovino family. Gaining control over them and adopting their name so to signify his leadership over them. Taking him to his current situation now right after winning the civil war as he would plan to reorganize everything to help reconfigure the Bovino family to a respectable one.

Role play sample: (From a Code Geass) Philip was smiling the entire time, whereas Kuro had a hard time defending, he was simply playing around with him around the court. Although one thing baffled the doctor was the fact that Kuro has withstood a knee to the groin and was able to stand up fighting, leading Philip to question whether he has an iron manhood or simply doesn't have one at all, funny really. This was all a deadly game, and Anderson was the cause of these deathly moves that makes this game ever so dangerous. The stakes are high as all the nobles in the court watched Anderson and Kuro fight with averse attention to one another, yet Philip was the cool headed one of the two. Keeping a cool tab under pressure as he has done this so many times before. It was a norm for him that is. [color:5c49=0000FF]"Good move Doc but it will take more then that to put me down." Kuro said from the knee groining and the awkward strikes. [color:5c49=00FFF0]"Or lesser." Philip slyly responded in a whisper to the haughty Prince.

Just who did he think he was though? Who was he fighting? It was Philip, regarded as the best swordsman within the Empire's courts, a fencer whom has skills in every strikes he conducts, like a conductor, each whack would be a next-to-fatal attack that'd best sever a limb or an artery. His targets die one way or another, this is no exception as he took his time, smiling at the face of each attacks that comes along. Even then, due to his vast experience in sword fights, he recognized the one fundamental thing within the Prince's rushed assault. The motioning indicated another intention by the sleight of hand. It wasn't swung like a conductor would, no, more brawling than fighting. No discipline behind it as it was an onrush done ever so rashly. Along with closing asunder the jaw of the gap that is called distance, and the gasp from such a move that's both; reckless and dangerous. Then voilá, the masterstroke on Philip part. A simple raise, followed by an aversion of the path moving high from the glaive, averting it and giving a quick momentum to Philip, upon using the momentum, he simply thrusts forth his saber whilst the glaive was still upwards, thrusting it towards his solar plexus. Even then, knowledge of a Doctor does help in at times in combat, all of the pressure points, all of the body's inner working, all known like the back of his hand that he would play at. All easy, all attributing to the successes of his duels and the momentum of victories that he strings up. That was Philip Anderson, and he was the worst opponent to fight in a sword fight. Woe is to the unwitting soul that chose him over all fencers, a doctor with the knowledge of the body's inner knowledge. Another thrust follows towards the throat. Now all of this was done in Alastair's presence. He must not fail his Emperor, he must not disappoint all nobles watching wearily as the fight dragged on. Betting on who'd win, stakes higher as more bet on the Doctor over the Prince. Quite the sniveling bastards they are, yet Philip does not mind, he has the knowledge of this, and this knowledge gives him the confidence to continue on fighting. It was something the court does often, bet in duels, and this one was the high staked one, as it is done in the Emperor's presence. Quite an honour it is, and Philip is up to the task of taking some of the honour that Kuro has besmirched with his haughtiness and his impudence, referring to her as some Miss. Being the gentleman he is, Anderson will resolve this in one fell swoop so to say and brand the Prince death. It was the way the court functions, and it is the way it'll go. An appropriate end really, this is how he'll earn his Emperor and Empress's favour, so to say. In a duel, something he has been doing for a time now. Now all that remains will be one dead man, and Anderson envisions himself standing over his corpse, having been the ultimate victor, sneaking a step to the right for a quick combo strike, facing his back and thrusting forth the saber into the rectals of the spine intended to disable.

Not everyone always thought he was a fencer at first, and all of these countless innumerable victories has paved way to his reputation as a handy man with the saber. His saber was the finest made so far. An instrument that'll result in Kuro's death. It has been made with the best metal alloys, making it quite durable, and if anything, even sharp enough to slice through another sword were enough pressure given out due to it's diamond tip which won't even get a scratch on it, won't dull out easily. It has been sharpened to a point a single strand of hair befalling it will be sliced in half. A testament of it's sharpness, even then, the saber itself is expensive enough to buy 3 commoner houses, valued highly by even Anderson himself whom he has taken all of his time to cater it up. Now all that remains is for the saber itself to cause another death, and garner another victory for the Emperor's aide; Philip Augustus Anderson. He will earn it all to restore Arella's honour and rid of the Prince who talked ever so lowly of his Empress. A fitting end for him to be fallen by the blade of the Emperor's one loyal servant, and to make it all the more exciting by doing all fo this in the court in front of everyone inside to watch. It was just psychology, a little something Anderson learnt from Zero of the past who has been regarded as a miracle worker, thinking about it as he directs another thrust towards his arm, so to see whether he blocks or not. Were he to get a decisive victory, he'd be regarded as a miracle worker himself. Psychology dictates that the people love an impossible feat made possible, yet this is different. Nothing but nobles duking it out with one another. Nobles are but mere men, weak and fickle. Pull the right strings and they break easily. As psychology dictates, everyone wants something, and the more impossible it is, the better as it'll surprise them and garner support. At least that what Zero has done in the past, whom Anderson hails due to the simple fact of his grasp over the psychological whims of others. A true genius in fact, and that very success will be repeated in this court. All men here will be surprised, and can be broken within that surprise. Being broken means they'll want a friend, and friends are easy to manipulate. Sure, give them a little few something, make them feel that they are cared for, make them feel at home with someone, then pull a string and it all comes down on them like a mountain being demolished with TNT. It was what he learnt in lake Kuwaguchi from his fateful encounter with Zero, and a not-so-fateful encounter with Sakura. His worst enemy to this day as he learnt also of a couple of identities from the Black Knights, such as Aoi Akuma, at least her name says so, who happens to be a major time insurgent. With all this at mind, he knows that he can be the instrument to bringing Britannia into salvation from the whims of lowly cur like the Black Knights, yet all of this is simply thoughts going on and on within the court that Anderson thinks about all the time. Nothing more than that, just thoughts. He is a man of action, and action he shall do. For his Emperor's sake, for duty's sake, he fights.

At least he is the only Emperor who Philip holds loyalty to, Ami on the other hand is a snob, she isn't an Emperor, true. But she is a snob, a power hungry one at that, possibly this can simply be an opinion from Anderson about her due to his dislike of her, just as she wasn't fond of him when she first put him into the Geass Directorate Vice-Chief's shoes, before he became Chief himself after the 'unfortunate' accident the Chief has went through, and the fact that Ami has disappeared for now, although he isn't sure how long she disappeared. But he has a feeling that this won't be a case for a long time as she should probably come back at a point, and probably endanger Alastair, even then, who does he have loyalty to? That's the question, is it to the crown or the Emperor? To Alastair or to Ami? Both of whom supported his ascendancy into the Geass Directorate, but even then, he knows that Alastair will be the one who he will support in the end. Arella, sure, he doesn't mind her, she is pretty snazzy and hip as an Empress, a trait he admires, and as such, she is another whom he holds his loyalty to, and resolving this, he knows he definitely also gives his loyalty to Alastair. In order to prove his loyalty, he'll have to fight Kuro and make him fall here and now, kill him so that many would see that Philip is intent on clearing Kuro's besmirching of Arella's good name, his Empress. Something the young haughty Prince doesn't realize even then. It's a common thing with Prince's these days, they just don't realize their place. Sure they are royalty, but the Empress is higher a status than he, he is but a miserly 4th successor of Britannia, someone not even worth mentioning at all. A nobody, a small fish that aspires to be in a big pond filled with whales and big fish. Everyone knows what happens to a small fish that goes into a big pond; they get eaten up by the big fish and will be nothing but stepping stone for the others to go up on. His naivety will be his downfall. His hopes for this and that, along with his so much 'faithful' love to his concubine will also result in his fall. Sure he doesn't like her being called that, but that's what Philip sees it as her as it is; a concubine. Not some girlfriend, not some lover, but an extramartial relationship of not so faithful love. He has seen it so many times before, at least taking Hebe into example, whom he often relates an extramartial relationship to all the time. Given that the doctor has found himself often taking advices from her, and those advices have warped him into someone seething with sadism, hiding it under his 'pleasant' exterior, even given his vain nature, he is seen as polite and pleasant, even with the sarcasm he speaks with. Now all that remains is for the fight to go on, with the death of the Prince being appropriate, as Philip wants it to go on quickly. To end this debacle with his death, as not only he will restore his Empress's honour, he will also get his prize as well from the Emperor for completing this duel. To win and to gain a favour. Too very amiable prizes that he won't mind getting.

It all remains under Kuro's fate now. Shall he be fallen, or shall he live on? It shall be decided in this one decisive bount which Anderson favours, and it will be salvation most definitely, at least that what Anderson wants. At least he gets it in his fancy Victorian style outfit with the cape to the side, and several medallions emblazoned on his chest given out by the Emperor himself for the numerous services he has done in the name of the Empire. Fair trade really as he now dons something else besides his usual flamboyant red coat, but rather, a suit that he retained 5 year prior to now. Fitting really.
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PostSubject: Re: Don Niko Freud   Sat Mar 20, 2010 2:20 am

Approved. You will be the first leader who has a Mist Flame. Because usually leaders have the Sky Flame.

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Scherzo Rosso
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PostSubject: Re: Don Niko Freud   Wed Mar 24, 2010 5:12 am

XD Leaders? Even the Varia leaders tend ot have Sky flame? (I know, I know! Xanxus has Sky as well XD[and Storm, by the looks of it]) Imma a Leader and I have Storm-only! WAT U SAY?!

Ahem, about the app. Wonderful piece there, good sir. ^^
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PostSubject: Re: Don Niko Freud   

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Don Niko Freud
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