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 Kazu Kusanagi (Done)

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Kazu Kusanagi

Kazu Kusanagi

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PostSubject: Kazu Kusanagi (Done)   Kazu Kusanagi (Done) Icon_minitimeSat Apr 03, 2010 7:24 pm

Character name : Kazu Kusanagi

Code name/ Alias/ nickname: Flame of the Heavens
Weapon Name: If none then leave it blank.

Ability name: Adredaline control, Manipulate Dark Flames
Flame: Dark Lightning

Desired Rank: Assassin of the Heavens
Desired Family: None

Character Appearance: Avatar

Character Personality: He is seen to be sadistic, and psychotic somewhat even destroying a long time comrade seeing inability to destroy opponents as an unforgivable weakness. Cold, Ruthless and have the sense to be supierior to any being but from a side of his crazy self, He a good person in heart and soul, he can be over-protective of his friends and loved ones, but in a fight he is unstoppable. He always was the spontaneous, determined, outspoken person. He even has both a superiority and inferiority complex, as he is unwilling to acknowledge when someone is stronger than him, but obsesses when he believes someone is stronger than him.

Character Background: A lone rougue top ranked assassin and former member of a group called The Order of Holy Knights, He has dedicated himself to the extinction of the rougues. At over 15 years old, He was involved with the creation of a Project, and He fights with his sword, with his family darkfire magic. In a few years, there is was a robotic version of himself , from back in time when the Wars were still raging, called Kazu-kul, who fights with a much larger sword , but it didnt last long when it tried to fight the real Kazu head on at the cost of his sealing sword, seeing the real one was still at large, Sol is still free, but now travels alone by himself with his new fire based weapons.

Role play sample (Tower of fates) Kazu and the rest of his squad, come to the entrance gates, he looks at the gates, he strecthes his right arm and his silver hair spikes up, and his guns in each hand, he clenches the, from his index finger to his thumb tightly, and shoots the gates with his power and the gates explode into the tower " Magic can beat anything...if you put your mind to it" he said as he runs inside "Ok guys 6 floors to the top he's waiting"

1st Floor
Kazu and the rest of the squad runs through the tower, as they reach the second floor they come to a set of big doors, kazu places his hands and pushes the door, walking in "Whoa what a room" he said looking around as it was somesort of ballroom, he notices that his devil arm is glowing "This entire room is made of magic entirely" he said holding his arm "So I wonder whos guarding this room"
The guardian rising up and sighs she looks around quite irritated and tips her pointy hat down in her face seeing as she was a witch "You should know better then mess with my boy...oh looks like I got a cute one." she said. Kazu turns his head "Aww crud...a wtch girl" he said as he grabed his gun just incase "Somebody take her......I gotta get to the exit" he said jumping on the wall and running towards the exit, leaving a member to take her on while he gets to the top

2nd floor

Kazu runs up the stairs with a black cloak around his neck with the squad behind him, he takes one of his guns and shoots the door up ahead and dropkicks the door in, he slides in and jumps on the large table, he looks around "This must be the war room" he said looking at the table, and decides to joke "I like the concerte, the large doors very nice" he said jokingly

A man sitting at the end of the Table looks at him with a rather stupid look* "No this is the meeting room but seeing as that you campanions stay as you go on I suppose I should stop you here."

Kazu decided to play along with it "Yeah thats the Idea, but he's not the one fighting you my teammate will stop you," he said pointing at the squad "I'll go on ahead looking for way up be careful" Kazu said as he jumped on a chair and slides to the end of the room with the rest of the squad behind him

3rd & 4th Floor

Kazu and the squad runs seeing the made a appearance in some sort of garden as they looked around "This must be the gardens....I didnt think his holiness had a green thumb" he said raising an eyebrow, as his black cloak got caught in a plant and he pulls it off and the ends of the cloak got ragged "Aw man I just got this" he said as he looked for a door to another room "Ok there it is" he said as he ran to it with his handgun in his hand

All of a sudden 2 Female Neko twins pop out in front of him and smiling with glee as they wrap themsleves around him pushing him back* "No cannot past us for you won't like the next room or any of the others beyond this one" said one as the other Neko ran her fingers down kazu's chest " And plus we need a play toy got that?"

Kazu looks at them "Play toy...yeah right" he said as he zips down from them out and jumps over them by putting his hands on their heads flipping over them, "Sorry Gotta get to the top ...later somebody take care of them would ya and stay alive" he said looking at the squad behind leaving the rest to them as he goes through the one floor that he has to fight in order to go up to the top of the whole tower

5th Floor (Kazu Confrontation)

Kazu walks slowly down the long hall "This is it the last floor......the final battle is a rising" he said walking as he was battled scared from this demonic tower, blood runs down the side of his face his black cloak was torn to shreds "I should've kept my jacket" he said as he places each hand on the large door, with a deep breath he pushes it open walking inside the library, between the shelves of litterature as he walks through seeing the guardian he never thought he see the woman he loved

A girl was sitting on the desk her name was Mimi, she was wearing high heel boots, a black mini skirt with a shoulder strap top on with a black hooded cloak around her, with short blonde hair with a tomboyish attitude, she stands up with a hand on her hip showing her slender body to Kazu "Ah Kazu its good to see you lover" she said seductive voice tone

Kazu stumbles back trying not to fall, he leans on the wall and shakes the dizzness off, stands up leaning on the wall closing his eyes exhaling, "Oh yeah that breather felt good" he thought walking towards behind the desk sitting on the chair " I dont wanna fight you Mimi....if you want to I no got problem with that choice is up to you" he said sighing

"awwwh poor kazu...I have something to make you feel" She whispered moving toward him as she sat on top of him facing him she sat on his lap close to him, "you are very good looking....mmmm i might have to taste you....." Mimi leaned in close and whispered in his ear "and you can taste me". he said as she kissed him deeply, e=running her hands down his chest

Kazu kept quiet as normally he would freak out, but for some reason he felt so drawn to her leaned in and kissed her softly, wanting more he pulled her closer, having her body pressed upon his as his heart beats fast in the heat of the moment.

She smiled and held into the kiss and then broke it and looked at him " love me dont you?" Mimi kissed him playfully as she plays mind games with him.

Kazu looked away not answering the question, knowing he did love ever since, and decided to looked at her and answer her question "Yeah I do"

She kissed his lips deeply as he answered the question and touched his cheek with her hand and then took her hand through his hair "Good cause I love you too lover"

He just smiles at her with his arms around her waist, as she smiles back and holds softly onto him still looking at him snuggling into him getting comfortable as she yawns and closes her eyes softly, seeing she had been fighting for days "Go to need your rest" he said ruffling her hair,

"No i cant fall asleep.....his holiness might find out and not be happy....falling asleep when im supposed to be defending his tower" she replied nuzzling into his hand, Kazu nods "hey dont worry about it....he wont do anything to you cause Im here" he said leaning his head on hers rubing her back to comfort her, Mimi smiled and kissed him again, leaning her head on his chest smiling before she falls in a deep peacefull slumber.

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PostSubject: Re: Kazu Kusanagi (Done)   Kazu Kusanagi (Done) Icon_minitimeSun Apr 04, 2010 2:13 pm

More on personality.
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Kazu Kusanagi

Kazu Kusanagi

Posts : 4
Join date : 2010-04-03

Kazu Kusanagi (Done) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Kazu Kusanagi (Done)   Kazu Kusanagi (Done) Icon_minitimeMon Apr 05, 2010 12:39 am

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Kazu Kusanagi (Done) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Kazu Kusanagi (Done)   Kazu Kusanagi (Done) Icon_minitime

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Kazu Kusanagi (Done)
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