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 Bleach Spirit Wars

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PostSubject: Bleach Spirit Wars   Bleach Spirit Wars Icon_minitimeSat Apr 03, 2010 7:59 pm

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[ Click Image for Video ]

The Spirit Wars plot does take place in the Bleach styled realm but does not involve the canons whatsoever -- this is a world dedicated to the creation and use of customs. A world dedicated completely to you.

The only relations to Bleach are locations as well as the idea of Bleach created by Kubo Tite. Here, you create your own story and take charge of what your character does without being limited to what a canon may or may not do.

This is Spirit Wars.[/blockquote][/blockquote]

Bleach Spirit Wars 2s6wkdl

[blockquote][blockquote]For over a thousand years beings known as Hollows have existed. Their purpose is to feed on what ever happens to cross their path in order to become stronger. Their home resides in Hueco Mundo, where they are born and evolve into powerful and more dangerous creatures.

Humanity would be doomed if not for the efforts of the Shinigami, the guardians of the dead. They pass on souls to the after life known as Soul Society, where the Shinigami make their home in Sereitei. The Shinigami are as well known as the Gotei Thirteen, lead by the thirteen most powerful beings in Soul Society: The Captains.

Thanks to the Captains for overseeing the war between Hollow and Shinigami, the humans of Earth have gone protected and lived their peaceful lives ignorant to how their very existence depends on these Death Gods. However, as the years grew, the Hollow population began to worry about being diminished. That is, until a group of ten Hollows had banded together where five of them reached near peak in evolution.

They had discovered rumor of an artifact created and shut away by the Shinigami due to its immense power. The artifact was known as the Hōgyoku, rumored to grant immense power to its wielder by breaking the barrier between Shinigami And Hollow. There were few who knew the truth behind such power but the Hollow coordinated a plan together in order to take it.

On the eve of their attack the Hollows emerged in a massive gateway known as the Garganta, however on their arrival due to the mass of gather of Hollows of all classes, a permanent corruption was created onto the land called the Dead Scar. Deep within the districts of Rukongai, the first territory was claimed and with the stealing of the Hōgyoku, the Spirit Wars had begun.

With the Hōgyoku in hand, the Hollow had given rise to a new race of beings, the boundary was broken and the Arrancar were born. The new generals fought with enough skill to be on par with the Gotei Thirteen with their own soldiers in command. The Espada had constructed their fortress of Las Noches, a massive monument to signify their rise to power. For the past two hundred years the races have been at war, claiming territory in each land and fighting for control with the humans being caught in the center.

With only a few decades of peace past, the war has begun again and lives have been lost on both sides. With the Primera holding the powerful Hōgyoku, will the Gotei 13 be able to stand against him?

Where will you stand in this conflict?

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Bleach Spirit Wars
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