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 Kazu Abillities

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Kazu Kusanagi

Kazu Kusanagi

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PostSubject: Kazu Abillities   Sun Apr 04, 2010 8:07 am

Name of ability: Adredaline Rush

Ability:[u] It makes him 10x faster then at average speed, causing him to have quick reflexes, dogeing close attack, counteracting with his own attack or reaction, giving him superhuman strenth also when stressted out.

[u]List of Attacks:

Name: Jinrai Kyaku

Effects: a flurry of kicks before ending with a blazing darkfire kick

Weakness: It slows him down in speed, decreasing it dramatically

Type of Flame: Dark

Requirements: Needs to get real close to the opponet, whether its block or connected it does some damage, to the enemy body

Weakness: Might cause injury to his legs, if his technique is used to much

Name: Shinning Knuckle
Effects: flashes forward at an incredible speed and smashes the opponent with his fist, following up with a flurry of kicks upward

Weakness: None

Type of Flame: Dark Flame

Requirements: Mixing his adredaline with his flame

Weakness: It can put a series amount of strain on the body
Name: Raging Storm

Effects: He charges up flames in his hand till they turn bright blue and slams it into the ground, causing a cage of energy to rise up around him.This is THE ultimate defensive move he has .

Weakness: A powerful Wind

Type of Flame: Blue Flame

Requirements: Putting power into his hands, concentration

Weakness: Got to have enough power and focus to do it
Name: Neo Rave
Effects: dashes forward and does a long combo. It has an invincibility startup and can go through
projectiles at that phase. The last move is an energy blast and canbe left out and replaced, such as his Raging Storm

Weakness: Burning his hands severely after the attack

Type of Flame: Blue and Dark flames

Requirements: To Have his latent potenial power to be unlock in order to use this, and vigorous training

Weakness: His body will ache due to the use of his abilities
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Kazu Abillities
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