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 Hogsha za Tenpi. Going to add more

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PostSubject: Hogsha za Tenpi. Going to add more   Sun Apr 18, 2010 8:43 pm

Name of Weapon: Hogosha za Tenpi (Protectors of the Sun)

Type of Weapon: Gunblade. Transforms when Sun ring is insterted is inserted into the lowest circle below the trigger. One form only

Ability of Weapon: Able to fire Sun bullets, as well as normal bullets

Weapon Attacks:

Name of attack: Bullet burst
Effects: A bullet is fired from the magazine and is cut in half by the blade (Can only be used after transformation)

Name of attack: Sun Pluse
Effects: Sun flames are released from the blades of the guns toward the target. (both original and transformed version)

Weakness: Transformation won't work unless the sun is visable to the naked eye

Requirements: The Sun Ring. Vonogla version.

Weapon users: Aozora

Appearance of Weapon: x2 Original form
When transformed
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Hogsha za Tenpi. Going to add more
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