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 Aozora, bearer of the Sun Ring

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Aozora, bearer of the Sun Ring Empty
PostSubject: Aozora, bearer of the Sun Ring   Aozora, bearer of the Sun Ring Icon_minitimeMon Apr 19, 2010 12:58 am

Character name: Aozora
Code name/ Alias/ nickname: Sky
Weapon Name: Hogsha za Tenpi

Ability name: Speed Shooter. Allows him to shoot mulitple shoots at once (Three max, until further trained)
Flame: Sun flame

Desired Rank: Sun Guardian
Desired Family: Vongola
Age: 18

Character Personality: Aozora doesn't take it lightly when people insult his family (both real and mafia), which usually results in him punching the person's lights out, with a few broken bones, and slight memory lose. Even though he tends to hurt people who like to bad mouth others, Aozora is a kind person who actually doesn't like to fight unless forced to, by either his boss, or the sitution calls for it. Besides being kind, Aozora is also lazy, and will use his box weapons for personal uses like shopping or to attend meetings. During a fight if Sky lights a cigerette, it means he as decided to take his opponent seriuosly.

Character Background: When Sky was little, his father would usually play with him, when allowed, which wasn't very often, because his father would be gone for weeks at a time before coming home, and even miss his birthday every now and then. With his father hardly around get into fights with other kids at school, when he heard them say that his father was always away because he didn't love him, which usually got him suspended from school for at least three days and this would happen at least three or four times a year. Aozora was accepted into the Vonogla family when he was only ten years old, when his father the preivous Sun Guardian died in battle. He trained for four years before being handed the weapons that his father used when he was the Sun Guardian, but didn't recieve the Sun ring for another three years, when the rest of the family believed that he could be trusted with it. Sky started to recieve his box weapons intervals after recieving the Sun ring. At the age of 16, Sky started to smoke cigerttes, not because he thought that they made him look cool, Sky just liked the heat that was emitted from lite end, and would occasionly leave a burn mark on the people he would beat up.

Role play sample: Removing the guns from their holsters, Sky faced his opponent, ready for the fight that was about to break out. Why on my day off it this guy have to show up and ruin it. Feeling the heat of the sun beat down on him, Sky smiled, cause thanks to the sun being out, even if the guy in front of him know he was the Sun Guardian, he had no chance of winning. Why because not only did Sky have access to his weapon's second form, he could also use one of his box weapons to the max of its ability. Not seeing the man move, Aozora places the gun in his left hand back into its holster, and loads a magazine of ten bullets into the other one, and fires of two shots, one right beside each other, seeing the stranger could figure out that two bullets were fired and dodge them both. Watching the bullets, Sky notices a katana on the stranger's right hip, and see the stranger preform a quick draw cutting down both bullets like he was swatting a pair of flies. Feeling slightly irritated, Sky ejects the magazine, and brings back out the second gunblade, and pours sun flame into both guns, and fires off three consecutive sun flame bullets from each gun. Reaching their targets the bullets this time are deflected by the stranger, as flames cover the katana. Looks like my opponent can also use flames. Grabbing a box weapon from his belt, Aozora inserts the Sun ring, opening the box, producing five identical clones, that have 3/4 of power as him. Sending the clones out to attack, Sky inserts the ring into the last hole below the trigger of the gunblade in his right hand, releasing its second form, wanting to end things quicky, so that he could report to the boss, and maybe if he was lucky go for a nap right after.

Character Appearance: Aozora, bearer of the Sun Ring Kei-albums-my-sexy-anime-men-picture21792-random-hot-pic-i-found Has to gun holsters attached to the but of his pants, and two strap on sheaths for the transformed gunblade. Aozora keeps his box weapons on the belt of his pants.
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Aozora, bearer of the Sun Ring
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