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 Agony Leader of Millefiore.

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Millefiore XV/The Sky Funeral Wreath

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PostSubject: Agony Leader of Millefiore.   Tue Jul 12, 2011 10:43 am

Character name:


Code name/ Alias/ nickname:

He has gone by the name Agony as far as he can remember.

Weapon Name:

Ability name:



Desired Rank:

The 16th Millefiore Famiglia Boss

Desired Family:




Character Appearance:


Agony looks like he is in his early twenties, even though he is already twenty-seven years old. He has long silver hair that hangs to about half-way on his back. Agony has a "beautiful" face, even though he is a man. He could easily pass off as a woman if he would disguise himself as one. His eyes are onyx black and seem to stare through everything. His nose isn't big, neither is it small, it's medium sized. His eyebrows are thick, but light color. His eyes are small, probably because he is japanese. His ears are not visible as they are under his long hair.

Agony is lean and tall, about 189 centimeters. He is quite muscular. His pecs and abdomen muscles are clearly visible, even when he is wearing a shirt. His neck is thick, so that he could take some mean punches. His skin is pale, even white if it wasn't for the blood running beneath it, that gives a slight tint of pink to it. His chest is hairless and he keeps it that way. His hands are quite long, which gives him an advantage in combat. His fingernails are always cut properly as he likes to keep himself properly clean. His legs are quite muscular as well, his thighs clearly look like they have some power in them. His feet are number 44. Agony has a tattoo of a barcode on the back of his neck.

Agony usually wears a black wife-beater shirt and a pair of tight black jeans. He also has a pair of headphones hanging from his neck. Agony has some accessories as well. For example he keeps a black Diesel watch on his left wrist and some Diesel black stainless steel bracelets on his left. He has a pair of dog tags around his neck. The tags have his name on it. He also has a pair of Ray Ban mirror sunglasses. He wears sharp tipped leather shoes made by Dockers. His shoes are custom made. When he taps his heels together, blades pop out from both tips and can be used in combat.

Character Personality:

Much like his father, Agony grew up to be a ruthless fighter. He shows no mercy to those who dare to fight him or insult him seriously. This although does not mean that Agony can not understand humour. Inside of a fight Agony turns very serious, he concentrates as much as possible and calculates his every move. When fighting in a group, he won't leave a man behind if he has a choice. He will beat himself up mentally when someone dies under his watch when he could've done something. Agony prefers one on one fights, that is what he takes his pride in. He never cowers behind other people.Agony takes care of his problems himself.

Outside a fight, he's fun and humorous, liking to crack jokes, kid around and partake in his daily booze. Usually every night he goes out for a few bottles of beer. He usually tries to get some friends to come with him, most of them will gladly join him on his quest to get himself drunk as possible. Agony can also be quite the ladies man when he gets into the zone. He turns all flirty. All in all he is quite out-going even though he doesn't look like it, because his beard has not been shaved for some time and because he is large. In his childhood he was shunned by people, he still has some damage left from that so he tries to be careful what he does and says in front of people. His friends have although accepted him for what he truly is.

Agony is very protective of people that have managed to climb into his heart, which means that he will protect his comrades and people dear to him. He knows when to joke and when to be serious, he knows the difference between right and wrong. You would have to have him in an illusion for him to betray any of his comrades and friends. He is loyal to his family, both blood and mafia wise.

He is quite fond of travelling. He happily takes on all the missions that involve him travelling around the globe. He has already been in all of the countries, but not in the capitals. He would like to visit the other capitals as well. Agony knows the area around Iwagakure like his own pockets. Sometimes he likes to take time off and just relax, watching the scenery that surrounds his mansion in Italy.

As a leader of his family, he tries to keep everybody happy. He makes the needed sacrifices to keep his famiglia safe and secure. He would sacrifice even himself if that's what it took. But Agony has a dark side to him as well. Not all of us are happy-go-lucky all the time. Agony has his dark moments, where he won't hurt his comrades, but the enemy. He turns completely evil and sadistic when it comes to his enemies. He wants to deliver as much as pain as suffering as possible. He wants to share his agony.

Character Background:

What Agony remembers is blurry to him. He remembers living in poor conditions as a child. He remembers getting beaten up a lot. He didn't have a father. He had left before Agony was even born. After that his childhood is blank for him.

Now Agony is 19 years old. Finished school, and working to make his mother live in better conditions. One day after work Agony was approached by a white haired man. He seemed young, but what gave away his age were the wrinkles. At first Agony was confused, he didn't know what the man wanted from him. He agreed to sit down with him in a local cafe and talk. He never knew that this little conversation would change his life so much.

They drank a few beers, chit-chatted. And then finally, the man confessed that he was Agony's father. At first, Agony froze, but then rage hit him. He tried to cool himself down, but it didn't help. He punched his "father" with all he got and the man fell out of his chair. What got Agony even more pissed off, was that his father only giggled. Agony immediately dove on him and took the mount position. He started punching his father faster and faster. Blood was staining his fists, but all the other man did was laugh.

Even though Agony dominated him, he felt completely helpless. Finally, his rage cooled down and he got off the other man. The older man rose up from the ground and brushed some dust off his clothes. They continued the conversation and it appeared that his father was a leader of some kind of a Mafia named The Millefiore. And he was supposedly his successor. Agony needed no time to think, because ruling over the Mafia would provide him and his mother a better life.

Years passed and all the required ceremonies were over. Agony now ruled over the Millefiore as his father Byakuran retired and died. You could say that the power got a little into his head. Soon after, Agony started invading America. Taking over Cuba at first. Agony and his crew, marched into the island, they were immediately greeted by bullets and explosives.

But The Millefiore had something even stronger, The Mare Rings, Box Weapons and their flames. It didn't take much for them to completely invade Cuba and kill off their army. Agony marched into the mansion of Fidel Castro himself and literally kicked his ass. He dragged Castro to his balcony and showed him to the people. Agony gave a long speech about how he will rule over those people and make it all better. After the speech he ordered Castro to stand on the edge of his balcony. He grabbed the dictator's own weapon and shot him in the head. Fidel Castro was no more, no more but a body that fell dead off the balcony with a bullet in it's head.

Didn't take long for Agony to take over rest of the America as well. His daughter family, Giglio Nero was sent to Canada to rule over that part. The Millefiore were stronger than ever before.

Now Agony resides in his mansion in Cuba, deals drugs, and rules over America. He is feared by many. A true dictator. That is Agony.

Role play sample:

Takezo grinned as his student made the correct choice. So training strength it was. It wasn't going to be very harsh on Yotoshi since he was still a kid. But who knows, maybe he will just try to be a pain in the ass and make him do some more stuff. Okay, kid. You made the choice to train Strength. It is a well made choice. In terms of Strength, I am the one you can trust. This training is going to be tough, but it will most likely boost up your strength, even if only a little. You will probably notice the change. Takezo jumped from the boulder and landed in front of Yotoshi and punched the ground. A small crater was left in the rock beneath them. Strength is a term that is widely used. Not even I know what strength really is. But what I know is that muscle strength is a good thing to have. I have it ofcourse. He flexed some of his muscles just to show his pupil what a body of an athlete looks like.

He grabbed Yotoshi by his neck and raised him up like a helpless puppy. Takezo wasn't going to hold back when he trained the Genin student of his. He wasn't called The Seed of Judas for nothing. He shook his head as his student didn't weight much. You have to build up a body. Put some weight onto you. You have to eat more to grow and be big. Only apples are not enough, you have to widen your range of vegetables and fruits. You are too skinny and small. I will make sure you eat properly from now on. Meat from time to time would do you good too. As a Sensei it was his duty to make sure his students grow up to be respectible ninja.

Okay, to get your training going, I want you to put on these 15 kilogram weights on your ankles and wrists. Do not take them off, even when you sleep. He handed the weights to Yotoshi. Don't worry, the weight will change soon as I will give you 25 kilogram weights later. Now, I want you to do 500 pushups and situps every single morning and evening. If you truly want to gain strength you will do more than that and more than twice a day. And I really hope you do. This might take several days for you, so we will camp out here and I will supervise your training. During the day, I will have you spar with me. It will do you some good. I did it with my father and now I do not fear any punches or attacks.

Takezo finally let the kid down as his neck must be a little sore now. He gave him a few pats on the back and laughed heartily. Don't worry, it's not really that bad when you get used to it. I have done a harder routine most of my life and look where it got me. I am now a teacher of a great student and a great warrior of Iwagakure. I hope you one day will surpass me and call me gramps or something. Okay, lets continue. See that mountain there? He pointed to a high jagged mountain not far away. After we are done with our spar, you will jog there and climb up that mountain and then climb back down without any safety gear. I will be waiting at the top before you arrive there. If there are any complications I will be right there to back you up. Or maybe I won't, who knows. Here is our routine for this first time. It will get slightly harder every single time we do this. If you have any questions, ask me now. He sighed as he had talked so much and hoped that the kid remembered all the stuff he had told him, but now it was the pupils turn to talk.

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Millefiore XV/The Sky Funeral Wreath

Posts : 51
Join date : 2010-02-16
Age : 24
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PostSubject: Re: Agony Leader of Millefiore.   Tue Aug 02, 2011 7:11 pm


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Agony Leader of Millefiore.
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