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 Please, welcome - Takeru Katsumi

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Takeru Katsumi

Takeru Katsumi

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PostSubject: Please, welcome - Takeru Katsumi   Fri Mar 12, 2010 10:46 pm

Character name: Takeru Katsumi
Code name/ Alias/ nickname: Many call him just Katsumi.
Weapon Name:

Ability name:
Flame: Sun Flame

Desired Rank: Millefiore Sun Funeral Wreath
Desired Family: Millefiore

Character Appearance:

Takeru Appearance
Takeru has black, spiky hairs. Takeru moved, and they shine in sunlight. He although have light blue eye color. None girl can't fight back to it. When he looks at girls, they have gone mad and try to get acquainted with Takeru. Anyway, he wears a black jacket. That is his logo. Under the black jacket Takeru wear yellow, white shirt, what makes accent to his eyes again. And of course man had to wear something red, to show his style. Takeru had a normal human body. He had normal muscles, not big, and not small, they were between.
Takeru had a tattoo. He held it on his back. It's a tribe tattoo with tiger in it.( Tattoo appearance ) Whole tattoo is black-and-white. It was his pride.

Character Personality:
Katsumi manners - well, he's a girl lover. Takeru love girls very much. He can't live without them. However, it's only a free time occupation. No matter how much he loves girls, his first and only is his job. From outside he looks like normal man, but if you look closer you will see his real face. He's a tactical killer. In his soul, he keeps very big evil, which all day long try to get out. Sometimes he can control it, but sometimes not. When it took over Takeru, he becomes mad and unpredictable.
By nature Takeru is a nice, intelligent and most important thing he's loyal. And, as we all know it's one of the important things in the whole world.
His life has two sides. One lives in the day, but second in the night. When he walks in day light, he's like a girl magnet. Many girls had tried to make Takeru to crash on them, but nothing can brake Takaru spirit, even love. Of course him liked all those girls, but it was only a gaiety.

Character Background:

[At Beginnig]: Takaru was born in Japans east cost. He lived in wealthy family. His father was great man in the whole world. Takaru father was big companies' director. But, his mother was dead. She became a victim in auto crash. The driver was old and his heart didn't yield, and he was dead before Takeru mother. It was very sad and none talked many days. His father tried to keep his sadness inside, but it was visible that he hurt it too. As Takeru was very young he even doesn't remember it. It was hard to grow up only with one parent, but he did it.

[School Time]: As Takaru was only child and only son to his father, he tried to school Takeru as it was possible. First classes Takeru learned very well, but since he got older and older, he wasn't interest in school anymore. That doesn't mean he left it behind, but he doesn't learn so much us beginning. At class 8th he started to pay attention to girls, how he looked and of course his style. In these years, he got into many fight, which made him stronger every day. That how Takeru got his muscles and straight. When he got stronger, he although get smarter and intelligent. He got smarter in fighting style and his skill too.
At school time, he got a girlfriend and with, she he first time kissed. She was queen of beauty, at least Takeru thought so, but she betrayed him and left him to hang out with some other guy. That why he never again loved in any girl how wanted to be his girlfriend. And that is one of the reasons why Takaru has that big evil in his soul.
Takeru graduate school as one of the best students of all school.

[Present Day]: Takeru now is big company heir. Boy was bored with all that company thing, and he wanted to do something else. When Takeru got 18, he tried to find some occupation for him. Only what he could find was some family. He even didn't know how it calls, but he was some kind of Millefiore member. Everything what he knew, he had a mission, which never ended.Kill other families. So using his skill in the fight and big intelligent he started to serve the family as its member, and he felt like he was in the family circle.

Role play sample: Masaru Shin Naoki was sent to the earth on a mission. He was given the mission of killing hollows. He entered the senkaimon and he soon arrived in the realm of the living.
It was a dark and cold night. There wasn't a sound. Everything was calm and quiet.
Shinoki got out off the senkaimon and landed on some houses roof. He looked around with his deep dark look. He spit and said,"Hate this world. Hope it ends soon." Useing his supernatural power he jumped down from the building and started to seek for some holows. Shinoki always kept his hands in his pockets. Only when he fights he pulls them out. Going down the street Shinoki heard something. He had a bad feeling. Something wasn't right. He slowly looked back, but there wasn't anyone. He turn his head back and moved forward. There it was again. Shinoki heard a sound. He looked up and he saw silhouette in the moolight. It was a man. He was holding something, but Shinoki didn't care. Shinoki again used his superjump and jumped up to the roof. While in midair Shinoki heard something cracking. When he landed on the roof the man was gone and there was somekind of powder on the ground. Soon terrifying yells could be heard coming from the town. Shinoki felt the spiritual pressure of hollows all over the place. "You bastard." He said as he knew what the man had done. Hollows came from all sides and cornered Shinoki. Shiniki spit on the ground and drew his zanpackuto. Even though he didn't have his shikai he would think of him as enough skilled to kill them all off. Shinoki turned his blade sideways and looked at the reflection of him and the fullmoon in it. A wicked smile appeared on his face. The roof slowly became crowded with hollows. From viewers point it looked like Shinoki disappeared and three hollows fell to their graves on the same roof. Swing after swing and cut after cut more and more hollows faded. Shinoki charged at a hollow. He jumped over it and slashed in half. That wouldn't be the last one to fall to his blade that night. Shinoki started to charge a red ball of energy in his hand. Shinoki jumped in the air "Shakkaho!" He said as he shot it off. The red ball fired through many hollow just to explode as it made contact with the roof. The house collided destroying every hollow. Shinoki landed on the street which was full of boulders. He stood up from a crouching stance and visoned the house. With a careless look on his face he entered the senkaimon and disappeared from that cursed place.

*RP sample is from Arrancar Dynasty.
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Millefiore XV/The Sky Funeral Wreath

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PostSubject: Re: Please, welcome - Takeru Katsumi   Fri Mar 12, 2010 10:57 pm


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Please, welcome - Takeru Katsumi
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