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 DK's weapons [ more to be added ]

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PostSubject: DK's weapons [ more to be added ]   Mon Feb 22, 2010 5:14 pm

Name of Weapon: Sky bombs

Type of Weapon: Bomb

Ability of Weapon: The sky bombs are activated by a mark on the bomb for the vongola ring of the sky guardian. By sending sky flames to the ring the user then hits the ring mark of the bomb to activate it. The bomb looks like a metal round ball btw. Then its activated at will by the user. Fifty or so bombs.

Type of flame: Sky Flame

List of Weapon's attacks:

Name of attack: Vongola version explosion
Effects: These two bombs are a bit larger than the others then once activated with the vongola ring and thrown to the target the sky flames will draw them closer then once it reaches the target point it will make a large explosion that looks like the flames of the Vongola Primo and Decimo.

Weakness: It will cause the user to be fatigue from using up large flames.

Weapon users: DK only

Requirements: Bombs and Vongola Ring

Weapon users: DK only.

Name of Weapon: Sky Sword

Type of Weapon: Sword

Ability of Weapon: The Sky Sword uses the sky flames. Then the sword is covered with sky flames that looks a kind of lava fire. If the sword connects to something it will surely be cut for example metal would melt.

Type of flame: Sky Flames

List of Weapon's attacks:

None for now.

Name of attack:

Weakness: When is used too much it causes DK to be fatigue and needs a five post cool down. By too much I mean around twenty posts.


Weapon users: DK only

Requirements: Sword and Vongola ring

Weapon users: DK only.

Name of Weapon: Primo Gloves

Type of Weapon: Gloves

Ability of Weapon: The leather that covers his fingers are not there and at has the symbol of the Vongola drawn silver on the middle of it. The Primo gloves produce ice. Much like the Great Breakthrough technique of the Vongola Primo the Primo gloves has the same ability to produce ice.

Type of flame: Sky

None for now

List of Weapon's attacks:

Name of attack:


Requirements: Gloves...

Weapon users: Dunno
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DK's weapons [ more to be added ]
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