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 Kazu Weapons

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Kazu Kusanagi

Kazu Kusanagi

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PostSubject: Kazu Weapons   Sun Apr 04, 2010 8:38 am

Name of Weapon: Berreta 92S (Custom made)
Appearance of Weapon:

Type of Weapon: Gun

Ability of Weapon: Any handgun magazine clip no matter what size, it can be used in this gun for ammo, attach a lasersight or flashlight beneath the barrel, the original clips carries up to 30 bullets per clip

Type of flame: If you don't need a flame for this particular weapon just leave it blank.

List of Weapon's attacks

Name of attack: 360 Shot

Effects: Can change the bullets other words curving the bullet

Weakness: Can be blocked if the enemy could see it or destroy it before impact

Requirements: His Custom Gun and his adredaline powers

Weapon users: Kazu only
Name of Weapon: Dragon Dagger

Appearance of Weapon:

Type of Weapon: Energy Drawing Dagger

Ability of Weapon: When drawing on a flat surface or enemy, after a few seconds the energy mark will glow causing exploding impact

Type of flame: None

List of Weapon's attacks:

Name of attack: Energy Piecers (Laser Arrows)

Effects: can draws in the air in a Zigzag or slash formation to creates and shoots energy arrows at his enemies exploding on impact after drawing them up.

Weakness: None the dagger has limitless energy fueled into it, but disarm him you might have a chance

Requirements: His blood on the handle

Weapon users: Its power is respondable to Kazu's blood
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Kazu Weapons
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