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 Jan's weapons

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Jan Valentine

Jan Valentine

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PostSubject: Jan's weapons   Tue Mar 02, 2010 4:32 pm

Name of Weapon: Dragon katana

Appearance of Weapon:

Type of Weapon: Katana/sword

Ability of Weapon: Can be engulfed with storm flames making it deadlyer.

Type of flame: Storm

List of Weapon's attacks:

(Jan has developed his own sword fighting style and he combines it with wind or wind flames like Squalo and Yamamoto)

Name of attack: Chasing wind
Effects: A slash is enough to release a wind that follows his enemy and destroys tthe ground below it.

Name of attack: Killing wind
Effects: When Jan pierces or rams his katana at his enemy a wind, fast and dangerous, fires off of the tip of the blade and at a amazing speed goes at its enemy. Jan can rapidly do the ramming making more and more attacks like this.

Name of attack: Protecting wind
Effects: Jan can whirl it around making a shield or just point the katana out at the incoming attack to block it with a gust of wind, but then it is weaker.

Name of attack: Binding wind
Effects: The wind goes around the enemy starting to crush him/her/it and slowing down his/hers/its moves.

Weakness: Nothing

Requirements: Nothing

Weapon users: Jan

Name of Weapon: The two death bringing brothers Storm and Tornado

Appearance of Weapon:

Type of Weapon: A pair of heavily modified, suppressed FN P90s.

Ability of Weapon: Has the ability to fire bullets with storm flames

Type of flame: Storm

List of Weapon's attacks: I think I listed them in the ability creation...

Name of attack:

Weakness: None

Requirements: Bullets

Weapon users: Jan
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Jan's weapons
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